Oh How Pinteresting

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

anyone else not able to get outa bed with the time change crap?
oh and then with the windows open in the house where it's so warm under the blankies.
ayi yi yi - in love.  and my babies are sleeping like rocks.
speaking of babies - what happened to this one?
he's getting SO BIG!!
i call this his "wtf is wrong with my sister" look.
i swear yesterday homegirl had her first batch of PMS.
wow-wee.  it was either that or the terrible 2s in FULL force.
ok really it was more that she only had a 20 minute nap all.damn.day.
it was funnnnnnnn - lemme tell ya.

anyways, linking up with The Vintage Apple for:

so goofy, but makes me laugh every time.

i need this, i love this, i want this.
then i made the mistake of clicking on the link.
$288 for just the duvet - eff that.

if there's one thing counseling has taught me it's to not listen to ANYONE who hasn't gone through what you are going through.  people are quick to judge when they really have NO IDEA what it's like.
SO true and it really does make you think the next time you speak.
so come on, we can talk about my mess right after you wana admit to yours.

yes.  ha, i can say nothing to this but yes.



Heather said...

That picture of Henry is cracking me up. He looks like the Gerber baby.

Ashley Mitchell said...

Aww..Henry is so cute!
I can't tell you how many times I have said, I NEED that, and then I clicked the link and quickly change my mind..lol.

Adrien said...

The time change did NOT help this already late sleeper. Wish my kids would follow your kids' example!

Love that bedding, but wowee...hope it's made with gold threads, haha.

Katie said...

YES!!! I have had a hell of a time getting out of bed this week. I cuss my job out between 6-6:30 while trying to roll out of bed.

That picture of Henry cracks me up!! I love the look on his face.

Cassie said...

bahaha - the more i look at that picture of hen i think ok that totally could be a poop face too.

Nicole said...

Hey girl, I have been meaning to tell you that the other weekend I saw a bedding se t(or maybe just the comforter) very similar to this one at TJ Maxx for MUCH cheaper. Just thought I would pass that onto you :-)