Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

let's start this off by saying my weekend rocked and my kids are amazing!!
lemme tell ya why......
of course george on friday night with my bff.
it was a total sit down concert, which i totally expected.
but i mean i just sat there and starred at him anyways.
it was a nice relaxing evening that i really needed.
saturday josh was off to work and the kids were up bright and early.
we met the lukes for a mommys and babies breakfast at ck.
landon and stella were SO good.
they sat in their chairs the whole time, they ate good, they played good, they listened.
they hugged and kissed each other good bye when we left.
they had two very happy mommys.
papa came over for lunch and we headed to mcdonalds.
where again my kids were great :)
later that night we headed out to eat for kacie's birthday and stella and henry got to hang out with uncle dane and not aunt marcie.  they were great for them too.
ahhhhhh - happy mommy moments are the best.
saturday josh was off to work again and the kids were up early.
we enjoyed a nice breakfast of......
waffles and jellybeans.  ummmm.
(someone PLEASE come to my house and eat all of this valentine's candy before my kids teeth fall out!)
after we chilled for a bit we headed to church.  where yet AGAIN my kids were ah-mazing.
stella was all about praying, and reading the hymals and pointing out jesus.  lol.
after church we ate at dicarlos with papa.
yes, if you are counting so far 4 out of the last 5 meals we have gone out to eat.  whoops!
the rest of the evening we chilled and relaxed and watched 135890 episdoes of barney.
life is good!!


Nicole Hedden said...

I love the weekends where Zo is a perfect angel... But boy, let me tell ya, some other weekends she definitely makes up for it by being the opposite!!!

Heather said...

I totally wish I had your metabolism!! I ate at home all weekend and gained 3 lbs.

Ashley Mitchell said...

Love when the babies are good.
That pic of Henry, sooo cute, such a happy baby!

Katie said...

Happy Henry!! :)

sblind2 said...

It's nice to hear SOMEONE'S child was good while out to eat. I knew it was bad when even my mom was like...."let's just have him box it up and go to your house". =(

Cassie said...

yes it makes up for the times when you just want to leave 5 minutes into the meal.

trust me sarah i've had plenty of meals like that too.

Beth said...

If you haven't had waffles and jellybeans for breakfast, you have yet to fully experience life.