Confession Friday

Friday, February 17, 2012

Confession Friday

hey hey, it's Friday!!
tonight if you are looking fo rme i will be in heaven.
yes, that's correct, the scottrade center will be heaven for a good couple hours tonight.
i will officially be in the same building as the most gorgeous man alive.
george strait.
oh my lawd, make me weak.
i probably won't even drink a drop (ok wait that's a total and complete lie), but i will be a droolin' fool.
sorry bff don't pay any attention to the mess i will be.
woo.....moving on....

a big happy birthday to one of my favorite people kacie!!
the big 29 (honestly).  last year in her 20s, dun dun dun.....
hope you have an amazing day sister.
judging by your fb and the fact that your hubbie has made you breakfast AND sent you some beautiful flowers, i'd say it's been great!!

so on to the confessions......
i confess on my way to work this morning i heard a jessica simpson country song and i kinda remember that i liked it.  so yep, totally jamming out to some J Simp on my itunes today.  trying not to think of the hot mess she has become :(

i confess that today is the LAST friday before lent that you can get zia's lasagna.  and my ass will be sitting there come lunch time dominating some lasagna.  it's going to be a long 40 days without it.

i confess for the first time EVER i am 1500 miles over on my oil change.
whoops.  i guess it's ok as long as my light hasn't come on yet right?
i wish a had a guy to just do it for

i confess i brought a banana to work for breakfast and i really wanted to eat it on my way to work but i have a weird thing about eating food in the car.  like honestly do you ever watch other people eating food in their cars?  it's kinda gross.  and let's add the fact that it's a banana, bahahaha, yeah i just held out until i was the in privacy of my own office.....

i confess sometimes iphone autocorrect just cracks my shit up.  here i am yesterday typing a message to a girl i know but dont' like know know, who on top of it is a teacher and i type the word package, which turns into pancakes and i don't even notice it.  i mean really autocorrect......?!?  along with a good seven other random auto corrects i looked like one smart lady, lemme tell ya.

i think that's it for today.  short and sweet.  so fess away ladies (and secret men) and have a good weekend!!


Heather said...

I confess I have seen George Strait 3 times since I was 10 years old and each time I was bored to tears. Love his music...but not a fan of his concerts.

I confess that I have had 2 Poptarts and 3 cups of coffee this morning...and my stomach is growling from hunger. I think it's a Friday thing.

Cassie said...

nooooo - don't say that.
idk he is enough eye candy for me to just sit and stare at.

Heather said...

He has a very nasty habit of showing up to his concerts drunk. Been doing it forever. I'm sure you will enjoy it though. The music is's just always very low key and subdued.

Ashley Mitchell said...

funny thing, i ate a banana in my car on the way to work yesterday and the whole time i was self conscious. Everytime a car passed i put it down and stopped chewing. lol

sblind2 said...

I eat a oatmeal to go bar in the car most mornings....sometimes I think people can't see anything I do in my car because of the tint, but I know that's not true!

I confess that I'm dreading packing for FL....I mean who really wants to wear shorts and capris in the middle of Feb-ugh!

Nicole Hedden said...

I confess that yesterday I took an extra long lunch, just to run to Edwardsville to pick up my new laptop... without letting the boss know. :) Good thing he is out of town!

Adrien said...

LOVE George Strait! Hope you have a great time. :D

I confess that I left the lid off of the apple juice container on the counter and Evie found it. Dumped the WHOLE thing into her toy grocery cart. UGH. Our Friday has been just peachy so far....

Kim Luke said...

OK when you said you weren't drinking..i laughed out loud.
i'll take care of your drooling ass if you take care of my drunk ass! :)

I was 2200 over on my last oil change.. you're still good

Kacie said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the birthday shout out! It has been a great day so far and looking forward to a great weekend! Dave and Busters tonight, Tequilas tomorrow night :)
Have fun at the concert tonight!!
I confess I stare at those who eat in their car, even tho I do it too, but I am just a really bad people watcher.

Lara said...

I confess when I need my oil changed I call my dad. He comes into town to get it, changes the oil, then washes it, vacuums it, then brings it back in for me. He has definitely spoiled me when it comes to vehicle maintenance!

Katie said...

Hope you had fun with George!!

I am one of those that eat in my car, but is totally grossed out when I see others doing it. hahah Good call on waiting to eat your banana. hahaha

Cassie said...

ummm lara - hands down that is ah-mazing. i need to tell my dad that. lol.