It's Ok Thursday

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

hello margarita thursday!
hello one more waking up to an alarm clock day until the weekend.
hello day before mrs. jone's birthday!!
hello 46 degree weather even though we just had 4 inches of snow 2 days ago (oh the joys of stl weather).
hello mommy gets a night to go to the mall after work, say what?!!?
anyways, today i'm linking up for It's Ok Thursdays
let's do this....

it's ok to not be able to wrap your mind around how two kids, one who can't even eat this stuff, can possibly get this much candy for Valentine's day
say it with me, holy.moly.
and it's ok to totally call dibs on those starburst jellybeans.  i mean hello, one of the best things about easter coming up is the starburt jellybeans.  hands down.
moving on.....

it's ok to think you and your bff are Vicki and Tamra from the RHOOC.
without a doubt we are, and I LOVE it.

it's ok to eat Jimmy Johns for lunch two days in a row, and not have to pay a single time.
rough  life i lead, rough life.

it's ok to e-mail a total and complete stranger you met via blogging because your lives are crazy alike it's almost freaky.
and it's ok to totally hope and pray she doesn't think you are cray cray.

it's ok to give up facebook for lent.  only five more days and i can't wait!!

it's ok to be obsessed with instagram.
every picture i take i think hmmmm, what would this look like if i took it in 1964?!?
(lol, that's for you Katie!)

it's ok to just look at this picture and laugh.
poor dad.  no one would stop crying, so then he pretended like he would cry too.
henry's face is priceless.  that bottom lip is about to unleash a whale of a cry.
stella of course is naked and now laughing at pawpaw because he is crying.
welcome to my life.

what are you ok with today?!!?


Cassandra Johnson said...

HAHA, it's totally OK to e-mail me! And, no worries, you haven't entered the "freak" column yet. Then again, I may like it, so whatev. LOL I kid, I kid! :)

Happy Thursday!

Adrien said...

We've been inhaling Starburst jellybeans like nobodies business. I need to stop eating junk, haha. Your dad cracks me up! :D

Katie said...

LOVE JJ's, but free JJs twice in one week?? Jealous!!

Instagram....I still dont get it! Im sure those of you that have an iPhone LOVE it bc Im guessing you can do sooo much to a picture, but those of us that dont have it are confused on why you want to take a bright and clear picture and make it look like you found it in your grandparents attic from 1924!!?? Well just agree to disagree on instagram!
thank you for keeping your pictures on your blog so bright and clear!!! I enjoy blogs with normal pictures than instagram attacked blogs.
OK ok Im done with the instagram talk!

hahahaha LOOVE that last picture. Hilarious!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

oh that bottom cute. :)

Kim Luke said...

Omg I swear I thought the same thing after this past episode. Hilarious!!! I hope we are still that hot at 40 & 50!!!!
I miss your babies. Playdate soon please!!'

And it's OK to be OK in a certain situation. Keep your head high & keep on truckin, even if you have absolutely no idea what is going to happen!!!

Heather said...

It's okay to leave your dogs in their kennels while you are at work, go home to let them pee and eat, and then put them back in their kennels so you can go eat Tequila's with one of your BFF's and her husband.

At least I keep telling myself It's okay. And I will at least 688720 more times before I leave work today.

Kacie said...

Aw, thanks for the birthday shout out! I think my kindergartners are more excited than I's Mrs. Jones' snack day tomorrow! YAY! :)

Alyssa said...

Starburst jellybeans are amazing!! There is nothing like them!

Jamie said...

That's a LOT of kiddo candy. Have fun with that!

Sarah Birkner said...

So jealous of you getting jj's twice! and I love the picture of our dad!