One More Day

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One More Day

please excuse the late post.
i have been drowning myself in tears all morning.
hugging and kissing all over my 1 year old for the last time.
ha, kidding.  but man it did hit me this morning.
and well, watching tori and dean's season finale last night did NOT help any with my tears
and i swear overnight she got this crazy vocabulary.
this morning she said, "i'm thirsty i would like some water outa my barney cup."
ummmm - excuse me?  when did you learn to talk like that.
she will be driving a car before i know it.
anyways, enough of the mushy stuff.
for those of you know who me and my super awesome procrastinating skills you are going to be blown away!
last night momma was on top of her game.
barney table is totally set up:
ignore that red wall, ugh i hate it.
and yep, that's goodie bags ready to go for the kids too.
it only took 25 years to kick my small procrastination habit, ha.
i even baked the cupcakes already, just need to decorate them.
and josh is on house cleaning duty today, so finger crossed he does.
then bring on the barney party!!
henry got so excited about the barney party last night he found his toes.
and they are the coolest things ever!!  ask him, he'll tell you.
oh and for those of you who aren't my FB friend you will have to check out this hilarious video of Stella.
she was reading the cards last night at the store.
hilarious, hilarious, hilarious!!


Erin said...

LYla can't wait to party with Barney! Lol.

Ashley Mitchell said...

LOVE when they find their feet. Nothing cuter than them shoving their foot in their mouth.

Katie said...

I watched Tori & Dean last night too. I teared up when Dean put that baby up to Tori's face. Ughhh melt my heart!!! So sweet. Then when Stella was loving on Hattie. LOVE! Ok enough T&D.

Cannot believe Stella will be 2 tomorrow!! Crazy.

I wasnt on fb last night...I like how Stella looks around before reading. hahah

Adrien said...

YAY! Hope you have a great time! :)

Lara said...

Wow! Way to be on top of it mom! Ty is just now liking Barney, so maybe hold on to some of those lovely decorations cuz God forbid that I may need to borrow them :S