If I Ran for President....

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If I Ran for President....

first off, i'm back!!  boom.
ptl for meds, ear drops, kids who rock when it comes to taking meds, everything.
i woke up this morning to i swear two brand new kids!
one happy momma right here!!

anyways, today i'm linking up with the every so hilarious Erin from Living in Yellow
to tell you how it'd be if i ran for president.
you know, we have to tackle extremely important issues here.

first up, you have to take a test in order to get pregnant.
it's pass or fail, end of story.

gas was always $2 a gallon.
that's it, $2, everyone can handle that right?

speaking of cars, men should always handle car issues
i have no idea what i am looking at, talking about, nothing.
i just drive it and put gas in it.
they should do the rest, regardless.

every place has margarita thursday.

oh yeah, and then everyone gets to work from home on fridays!

everyone who works or is at a nail salon HAS to speak english.
i mean come on people, i'm here to relax and i guarantee you have said at least one negative thing about me in another language.
not cool.

you only have to pay student loans for the number of years you went to college.
i went to college for two years, not 15 :(

no one was allowed to clip their fingernails in public.
ugh, that grosses me out.
i just picture fingernails flying all over the place.
gross gross gross.

smoking - it's gone.
it's gross, you don't look attractive doing it, it smells, you smell.
good bye smoking.

no more vampire movies/shows/books/etc.
really people?  vampires?!?!

music is played all the time.
i mean hello, when does music not put you in a good mood?
either that or we will just have to have a dance session right in the middle of the day, everyday.
just like ellen.
speaking of ellen, i think work must stop to watch her show everyday.
it's a guarantee laugh and everyone needs to laugh at least once a day.

i think these small little things would make the world a much better place.
anything you want to add?


Erin said...

Hahahah I loved your list--thanks so much for linking up. Especially love the work from home idea on Friday, the doing away with Vampire thing {thank God I finally found somebody else who doesn't find all of that stuff intriguing}, and the nail salon policy. There is nothing more annoying than thinking they are talking trash about you while getting your nails done. Happy Tuesday!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Love your list! But Dear Mrs.President, can I have beer instead of a marg? Tequila=bad for me. :)

Melissa W. said...

Cassie for President!! Great platform. I'd vote for you!!

Cassie said...

lol - thanks!!

ok ashley, regardless it's a drinking special on thursday! lol.

Anonymous said...

Im giving a shout out to the cutest most handsome Henry and his beautiful mother (my daughter)! Only pretty people should be elected also!

Adrien said...

Haha, this is a great post idea. Love it!

Beth said...

Amen to the vampires part. Peace out, Twilight...the amount over over 40 women out there who are obsessed with Twilight seriously gives me the creeps. Find someone else to live your life for besides Edward Cullen (PS, I had to look up to make sure what the idiot's name is, bahaha!)

Beth said...

*of over 40 women, sorry.

Katie said...

Love these...especially getting rid of smoking....so gross! The amount of people who walk around campus blowing smoke in my face is ridiculous.

Alyssa said...

I seriously hate being talked about in nail salons! Because I KNOW they are talking about me! This is America, fine if you want to speak another language but do it in your own home. Not in public!

Anonymous said...

Whaha fantastic post

Kim Luke said...

If you get rid of my Vampire Diaries and the Twilight Saga, I'm leaving the country. and that means we will no longer be friends.. think about it.