The Big Two

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Big Two

it's official, i have a two year old.
how in the world you went from this:
to this:
blows my mind.
it literally was in the blink of an eye.
happy birthday miss stella ann.
i've said it a handful of times before, but it's so true; you have changed my life for the better.
you have an amazing heart and i am so proud of you.
i'm so very lucky god chose me to be your mommy.
i hope you have an amazing birthday!!
i love you with all of my heart.


Julia said...

Happy 2nd birthday Stella!! Have fun at your awesome Barney party:)

Ashley Mitchell said...

Happy Birthday Stella!!

Katie said...

You are a lucky momma!! She is too cute. Happy Birthday Stella.

Angie said...

Happy birthday Stella!
It is true....everyone said they would grow up sooooo fast! I can't believe how it happens though!

Katie said...

She is so adorable! Happy birthday, Stella!

Sara Phegley said...

Happy Birthday Stella!! You are such a cutie!

Heather said...