Confession Friday

Friday, February 10, 2012

Confession Friday

i'm back.
cooled off and ready for the weekend.
anyways, on to the confessions..........

i confess you know you are a mom when this happens:
miranda has been taken out of the cd player in my car and dino tunes hasn't left it since saturday.
ptl it's only five songs.
but do you know how many times you can listen to the same five songs over and over on your 15 minute drive home from the sitters with the kids?
A.LOT. a whole lot.

i confess it's kinda hard to teach your kids colors when i don't even think this is right:
to me that's purple, not dark blue.
idk - maybe it's me.  but that's all purple.

i confess, 10 more pounds and this momma will own red skinnies.
yes katie and i will wear them to your house to show you them.

i confess stella still has her B.  i know i know.
i was always that mom who said NEVER after two years old.
however we used to have two, now just one.  the other has been lost since saturday.
so we are getting there.
oh therefore please ignore it in this next video.....

i confess, everyone should be jelly of this.
as cute as it is, a two year old playing a harmonica gets old REAL quick.  lol.
pure talent she can even play it without hands.  lol.
oh yeah and ignore her mullet and crazy hair.
and my messy house.

now fess up.
happy weekend!!


Adrien said...

Yeah, definitely looks purple to me! Stella is too cute with her harmonica!

I confess that I'm looking forward to lunchtime, because I have a "good" frozen pizza to make today. Haha. Woo- it's a party over here. :)

Nicole Hedden said...

Definitely purple!

I confess that Zoie had her "b" forever... And I'm not even the that got her to get rid of it. My sister did! She works wonders.

Adrien said...

P.S. I forgot to tell you that I installed a "live feed" on the bottom of my blog a while ago so that when people comment "anonymously" I can still see where they're from. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the girls under the dryer at the top!! :)

That is definitely purple. No blue.

Sooo excited for the red skinnies. (all sarcasm there) hahaha

Beth said...

Yea, that's purple.
I confess that until about 11 years old, however, I said "perm-ple"....not to be weird, not intentionally, I knew how to spell it and still said permple.

I also confess that JJ loves him some harmonica, too! It's currently "lost"...mommy needed a break. :)

Cassie said...

thank you for agreeing that it's purple. i'm like no, no this is NOT dark blue.

ha amen beth - i'm about to tell her the harmonica is taking a nap. in the trash can. lol. jk jk.

Melissa W. said...
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Melissa W. said...

Def purple. I'd take it out of the you don't confuse her. She will be calling purple, blue her whole life if you don't...

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how I am going to get the binky away from my kid when it is once you do successfully, please tell me your tricks....cause my kid loves her some B. She sometimes even has 2 in her mouth at all times....and this kid hides them all over the house cause we are always missing some, but SOMEHOW....she is the only one who knows how to find one when we are out. lol

Cassie said...

Angie that is EXACTLY how it is with us too. I think we have lost it and boom here she comes walking out with it. Like where in the world did you find that!! lol.

Anonymous said...

Dean is so excited to see Stella playing her harmonica! Cant wait to get Hemry some drums (yes I spelled it Hemry on purpose)