Let's Talk

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let's Talk

hey hey, i'm in a mood today so hold on to your chairs.
first up, important business.
get your butts over to heather's blog and see how amazing her heart is.
i always knew sister friend had a soft spot in there, but homegirl has knocked it outa the park today.
any mom who tucks her perfectly healthy babies into bed at night needs to do this.
and..... i really really need this bag.  ivanka i like to call her.  oh my word she has my name written ALL over her.  i would tell you to enter but that lessens my chances of winning, so instead just go and follow this adorable blog. yay!!
so anyways, on to some stuff i need to get off my chest.
this girl is extremely independent, confident, knows what she wants and gets it.
but that's evident.
so when someone says, to my face, you'll never make it.
ohhhhhh watch out.  watch the "blep" out!
sitting there thinking of this statement over and over brought me back to this blog.
girl hit it right on the nose.

characteristics you should strive to possess
(girl or guy)
here's my sermon......

Self Acceptance
there is only one you, be you!
you're not perfect, life isn't going to be perfect.
but whose is!?
you honestly have to love yourself before anyone else can.
you will make mistakes and let people down, you are human, it's ok.

Again, you are you, act like it.  Be fabulous.

Sense of Humor
chill out, laugh ,it's ok.
and for heaven's sake watch ellen every day.
honestly, it should be a law.
that girl makes me laugh everyday.  and who doesn't love laughing!!
one bad day doesn't equal one bad life, laugh it off, tomorrow's a new day.

don't lie.  it's pointless.
just be honest, just tell the truth.
just like erin always says, "i don't care if you can't go, just tell me straight up, don't reply three hours later or not at all, just tell me, shit happens."
and all in all you have to be honest with yourself to be honest with others.
and i agree, the truth isn't always easy, but it's necessary.

this girl doesn't hug.  and if i say i love you, don't pass out.
it just doesn't happen.
but i honestly really do care.  i just show it WAY differently.
but regardless everyone should care, and let those you love know that you love them.

it's not going to always go as planned.
if you would have asked me the day i graduated high school if i would be 25 married with two kids i would have laughed in your face.  not this girl.  i had (other) plans.
but someone else had something in mind instead.
i like to be in control.  it's not the best trait.
but sometimes i have to remind myself to just live in the moment and go with the flow.
so sometimes take a deep breath and just let it be.

whew, ok i feel a little bit better. 
still POed about the comment that i'll never make it, but it's been said.
and all i can do it smash it into the ground and say "boom, i made it!"
just always remember....
my momma didn't raise no fool ;)


Heather said...

Thanks for the shout out!

This post was awesome!!! Great idea! And who says you won't make it? Ummm...looks to me like you already are.

Erin said...

We expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them. Been on my mind a LOT lately. But you knew that didn't you, lol. I like this post! But not that someone was mean to you! :)

Ashley Mitchell said...

Ditto to what Heather said! Don't let someone else get ya down!

Adrien said...

Some people, I swear! Cassie, never forget:

You is smart.
You is kind.
You is important.

Really, you is. :)

Okay, now please let me know you've seen "The Help" and that I don't just have bad grammar, haha.

Beth said...


Erin said...

Ha Adrien!!

Kacie said...

Let's try this again, this is my fourth time trying to comment! It keeps freezing up on me! Grr!
Anyway, I'm not sure who said you wouldn't make it, but I agree with the above comments! I think you've made it and then some! If I ever become a mom I hope I can be atleast half the mom you are! Youre an amazing mom, employee, friend, etc!

Katie said...

Second Adrien's comment :) I just watched that movie last night. Everyone should have someone to tell them that once a day!

Anonymous said...

I follow Confessions of a 20 Something also. That story broke my heart and I donated as soon as I read it. Sooo sad.
Heaher I dont know you, but what you are doing for someone you don't even know is AWESOME!!! The world needs more people like you!

Love the "honesty" saying!

Heather said...

Thanks Katie! And thank you for donating!! Go leave a few comments on my blog so you can get in on the giveaway!!

And Anonymous: Not nice. Maybe you should take your own advice. Actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,

This is Cassie mother. I raised all of my daughters to be strong independent women. I was once told that I would never make it either. Guess what bitches I made it. So if you do not enough courage to speak your mind and state whom you are you are a coward! So keep you mouth shout about my family!

Tina Steibel