Tuesdays Are My New Favorite!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesdays Are My New Favorite!!

this has pretty much been my view all day.
(and yes i feel super cool using my instagram app, ha)
i've left to eat lunch for 30 mins and pee, that's about it.
ok wait and i got up when i heard the word, "gus's pretzels at the front desk."
but come on, you know you would drop everything for one of those too.
anyways, busy busy busy.
ptl for sugarfree red bull (which by the way was on sale on sunday at target, getchew some!!)
anyways, i have nothing today.
well, nothing besides the fact that the new real housewives of orange county starts tonight!!
hands down the OC girls are my fav.
i love me some vicki!!
i know i know, plenty of vicki haters out there, sorry, homegirl knows what she wants and i love that.
between biggest loser, parenthood and the new season of RHOC.....
my DVR is going to be on overload.
happy tv watching lovies!!


Kim Luke said...

STOKED for RHOC!!!!!

Cassie said...

it would be 235823098 times better if we were watching it together, with our babies and with wine. all in moderation, but you know what i mean!! :)

Ashley Mitchell said...

Love gus's pretzels! Can't wait for rhoc. :)