Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

happy monday!
what a really freaking cold weekend.
ayi yi yi, my sister even told me her hair froze on saturday walking from her apartment to her car.
first off, you wana get sick sister?  second off, duh!  jk jk.
third, yes this is my sister who has her masters.
she obviously missed the class on common sense.  bahahaha.  jk, lovie you!!
i have no room to talk, considering it's snowing today and i'm not wearing socks nor did i bring a coat.
whoops.  on to the weekend.....
we are going to change this up a little bit;
henry didn't sleep a lick at the sitters, homeboy was sleeping by 7:00 on friday.
once he went down, i joined my bff for some much needed cussing and discussing.
josh was off early in the morning to do manly things with his bffs.
he bought a breakfast pizza from caseys (his way of "cooking" for us).
i love me some pizza from caseys, but i just can't do breakfast on pizza.
stella loved it though.  she's at the stage now where she doesn't want her pizza cut up.
she wants to eat it like a big girl.
aka abbie ends up getting a good majority of stella's pizza.
anyways, we chilled all day <3
because chilling is much more relaxing when you are nakie :)
stella is obsessed with wearing underwear now a days.
yep, that'd be two pairs she's sporting.  goofy kid.
henry worked on his GQ magazine poses.
that night we rented Courageous, the movie.
and every parent should watch that movie!!
i was crying the first five minutes of it.
josh was off to work a shift he picked up and i was off to ck.
S&H got some quality Gma and Gpa time in.
once i got home we headed to Target with Aunt SayCee where Stella expressed her opinion when it came to helping SayCee pick out clothes.  She straight up asked Stella if she liked a shirt she was holding and Stella confidently told her, "no."  lol.
oh and Henry took my 'shopping trip blowout' Vcard.
that's right.  i made it over two years before i was literally changing a kids clothes in a public bathroom with poop on every article of clothing PRAYING i remembered to pack an outfit.  good times.
the rest of the night we spent jamming out to the grammys, filling out valentine's cards and making heart shaped rice crispy treats.
and now here we are at monday.  and so far it's off to a good start.
mostly because i have a boss who can bake like nobodies business.
this was found waiting for me on my desk:
happy early valentine's day to me!!
hope you all had a good weekend!!


Heather said...

That cupcake left my mouth filled with drool. So jealous. Sounds like you had a good weekend!! And PS...did you get the Casey's pizza with the sausage or bacon? The bacon is to DIE FOR.

Cassie said...

no it was just sausage and cheese. maybe the bacon will be better. idk. regardless there's still like a half a pizza in my fridge.

Heather said...

Everything is better with bacon on it

Ashley Mitchell said...

I WANT that cupcake! And seriously.. Henry IS gonna be a GQ model someday, that boy knows how to pose! :)

Adrien said...

Hehe, love the pictures. Henry is great at striking a pose! We JUST rented Courageous, too. :) I thought it had a great message.

Kacie said...

LOVE Henry's picture! So cute!
I agree...try the bacon. But fair warning, you will be addicted! It is so yummy!
That cupcake looks so good! We went to Jillie's cupcakes Saturday (They won Cupcake Wars) and had a good cupcake! I am ready to go there again!
Have a great Monday and can you send snow to Sparta....PLEASE!

Katie said...

Im not a fan of breakfast pizza either. A vendor of ours took my boss and I to The Good Pie for lunch one day. His son works there so he brought us what we ordered plus a breakfast pizza. It had sausage AND an over easy egg on it. Sooo gross! Cut a slice and there goes all the nasty egg everywhere. Gag!!!

Cassie said...

ha thanks - little model baby in the making.

adrien - yes if you don't get anything outa that movie you just don't get life period.

kacie - i love me some jillys. that cupcake is like a meal in itself, but SO good!! and yes i'm sending ALL the snow there. i have a work event tonight that this snow does NOT need!!

katie - AMEN. that's exactly what it was, the egg wasn't done all the way i don't think and i can't do that egg juice. barf.

Cassandra Johnson said...

I seriously love the fact that your kids' names are Stella & Henry!!

Oh and not only do we have the same name, our kids were born in the same order; girl first, boy second! HA

Beth said...

Sorry you had to deal with the blowout, but thanks for mentioning it - just brought to mind a pic that would be perfect for LOL Wednesday, bahaha! Oh, motherhood :)