Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

ok no where near wordless, well kinda.....
i was a bit speechless to see my baby girl looking super grown up.
stella wore big girl undies for a good 20 minutes last night.
of course had an accident in them but still.
i may have asked her 24968208 times if she had to go potty too.
ha, i did NOT want a mess on my furniture.
she LOVED wearing them!
come on stella PLEASE potty train!!
anyone have any good ideas?
candy and stickers do nothing for home girl.
she insists on being head to toe naked when she sits on the potty.
and HAS to have a piece of toilet paper.
i know, she's ridic.


Mary Cavalier said...

Cassie- When she is ready she will do it almost on her own. It is hard if you don't have something to bribe her with. You might check the $1 bins at Target for some little toys that she would like - or play jewelry or even old costume jewelry from yard sales. And as soon as you have her potty trained you will be out at a store and she will have to go and you will have to take her to the rest room in the back of the store behind the storeroom and it would be so much easier if she just had on a diaper :-)

Ashley Mitchell said...

love when they first wear undies, they look so stinkin cute!
As far as tips, Zack just kinda did it when he was ready. I tried and tried with rewards, didn't work. So I quit trying for a while. Then one day he just start using the potty all on his own and that was it!

Jackie said...

We have started on Loreli but it was more of her idea...she is all about monkey see monkey do! She goes on the big girl potty becasue we don't have a little potty so I put a stool under her feet and that seems to help her for whatever reason!

Also I ask her if she has to go and if she doesn't then I don't push it...but we are just starting too!

Good Luck!!!!

Adrien said...

So cute! I'm with everybody else, take her lead. :) I'm not pushing Evelyn one bit, and she seems super eager, but only for about half a day. She usually goes two or three times, then has several accidents in a row and asks for her diaper back.

Cassie said...

thaks ladies. i hope it does just happen. fingers crossed it just happens SOON. i'm over double diaper duty.

but yes mary i can see that happening to me every.single.time.