Hey It's Ok....

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hey It's Ok....

i am stressed outtttttttt.
deep breath, deep breath.
i am just work overload.
next time you walk into a target and enjoy their new grocery section remember, someone stressed out about that for 13 weeks.  ok?!?  but then shop til you drop so we have more to remodel.
thank you very much. :)
anyways of course i take my computer home to do work and whatdoyaknow it.don't.work.
just my luck.
well it works it just won't connect to the server.  ughhhhhh!!
so what do i do instead?
spend a shit on of time on pinterest of course.
le duh.
so since i will have NO TIME to even think about my blog between the hours of 8 - 4 (ok more like 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.) here's a late night/early morning post for ya.
and just some random crazy things that make me laugh (thanks to pinterest).....
ha, guilty.

you know you sang the next line......

jelly may be my new favorite saying.

ding. ding. ding.
i like the see also.  ha, it makes me laugh.

ok so it's ok....
it's ok to.... talk to yourself.  honestly have caught myself doing it 292398 times.  stressed out or losing it?  probably 50/50.  whoops.

it's ok to.... have ALL of your christmas decorations down besides the christmas cards.  i just love them!

it's ok to.... use a shower curtain as a real curtain in your living room.  guarantee you would never be able to tell.  design on a dime my friends.

it's ok to.... have the heels that always seem to lose the little thing at the bottom that makes them clank the ground when you walk and sound super annoying.  you know when i'm coming......fml.

it's ok to.... be called out on your blog profile picture because someone says you look creepy.  ummm hello changing that shit pronto.  changed, done.  whew.  thoughts?

it's ok to.... enjoy pure vintage country at 11:00 at night.  hello old school brooks and dunn, reba, kathy mattea!?!?  in love!!

it's ok to.... be completely grossed out by your kids carseat.  my word i swear i find some sort of food in there every time i put her in it.  effing gross.  if i get another piece of food under my nail i'm gona barf.  i wonder if the car wash people would vacuum it out for me if i asked.  hmmmm, totally going to ask.

alright, that's all i have time for folks.
it's margarita thursday!!
however i doubt i even have time for that.  ayi yi yi.


Katie said...

I got an email on my phone saying that you commented on my blog last night after 11. Dont worry I was still up you didnt wake me. I thought Casse?? Awake after 11?? She must be up with Henry.

Love the Winter sign. hahah
And yes I sang the second stop sign. :)

Its ok that I havent been to the grocery store since before Christmas. Hence why I have gone out for lunch every day this week and will finish the week off the same way!!

Cassie said...

ha too funny. nope everyone was sleeping i was enjoying peace and quite. and drinking straight out of the wine bottle. bahahaha, kidding kidding.

Ashley Mitchell said...

Same thing happens to me heels all the time. I think it's because I walk so hard.

I can't remember your pic before. Why was it creepy?

It's ok that I actually cried this morning about Zack turning 5. He is an official BIG boy. :'(

Adrien said...

Hehe, I still have some of my Christmas cards up, too. I started saving them last year. It's my favorite mail all year!

I used to shave every single day. Then I had kids. And now I could probably be nicknamed The Yeti of Red Bud. :) I don't recall you looking creepy in your old picture, but your smokin in your new one!

Cassie said...

hey thanks adrien!!
and guilty, i'm yeti too. but i'm not afriad to admit it. i pretty much only shave my legs if i know i'm going to get a pedicure. so MAYBE once a month. whoops!

ashley - i would TOTALLY cry too!!

Kelly Muench said...

I hate when that happens with the heel situation. My black heels on one shoe right now have the part that makes the noise kind of sideways. I don't know how I get it to do that, bothers me!! lol! I get nervous when I wear them praying it does fall off! lol! Maybe that means new shoes soon!!