Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

holy smokes - I'm alive.
whew!!  i apologize i am CrAzY busy.
anyways, i feel like supa love from some hella creepers.
150 page views today and i haven't even posted.
feeling the love people, feeling the love!!
so on to the weekend......
friday was josh's dirty 30.
yeah 30.  my lanta.
of course he had to work but after work we met up with kacie and brent and headed to zia's on the hill.
josh's favorite place, especially on friday's for the lasagna special.
to.die.for. lemmetellya.
and momma was happy because i had a $100 gift card there.
cheappppp date.
after kacie and brent knocked themselves upside the heads for NOT ordering the lasagna, we told you!!
anyways, it was a short night of dinner with great friends and TONS of laughs.
i will never be able to think of a hot tub the same way again Kacie!
saturday aunt danielle and not uncle tate were in town.
they stay at our house when they come.
honestly because i think it's AMAZING birth control for them.
of course everyone was up at the ass crack of dawn.
awe-some.  so we took a little morning picture...
does Henry not look like he is saying "shoot me now!"
bahahaha.  love you too Heni.
anyways, we headed to CK for breakfast.  i mean of course we did.  who cooks?
no joke we drive past CK and Stella says, "eat, eat!"
ha, i mean it's good that it's there and not mcdonalds, right?
after that we headed home and pretty much hung out around the house all day.
my kids were set to not sleep ALL day.
my word.  i MAY have put 100 miles on my car in one day from driving and driving to get them to sleep.
but it was worth it ;)
the rest of our day consisted of some craziness:
heaven forbid mommy get a decent picture of you two.
and Stella successfully put on her brother's pants....lol
and henry was LOVING this ball.
like had a DEATH GRIP on it all weekend.
poor hen is going to i swear get 9 teeth at one time.
come on toofers!!  pretty please.
but no joke he has been a CHAMP about them.  just a drool bucket!!
that night consisted of pizza and football and mommy sleeping by 8:30.  PTL.
sunday of course josh was back to work and we were back to eat at CK.
ha, kidding.  we opted for tequila's brunch.  i promise, i cook.  during the week....
then the kids and i headed to a 1st birthday party.
again PTL for my amazing family for helping me out with two kids.
i honestly couldn't do it without you!!
we ended the night with a cool blue bath thanks to some fun bath colors from Aunt Kim
i love these things!
hope you all had a good weekend!!


Ashley Mitchell said...

I think I said aww at all your pics. Too cute.
I was thinkin about getting Mason one of those balls..sold!
Did the bath thingys leave any color behind?

Cassie said...

oh my goodness GET HIM ONE! my cousin gave it to me because her daughter was obsessed and i buy them for all other babies i know now. BOTH my kids loved that ball.

ha, that was my fear the whole time she was in the bath. and nope, NOT A TRACE!!

Adrien said...

Evie is sitting right next to me, and she said, "Who did it?!"

"Did what?"

"We need to CLEAN our bathtub!"

Haha, she is convinced that Stella is her and that the blue water is our "dirty" bathtub. Crazy kid. Looks like I need to bring the water colors out again and school my child. :)

Beth said...

No joke, as soon as I saw the picture of Stella in Henry's pants - the radio in my head starting playing "Lean Back" and then I couldn't stop laughing.

Also - I mailed your stuff today and "expected delivery" is Saturday...which doesn't make sense because I also mailed my sister something to St. Louis and it's expected Wednesday...whatevs.

Cassie said...

oh beth, too funny. lean back, lean back oh cracking up!!

yay for the package!! josh works on wednesday so i will send a check with him to give to your mom. YAY!!

Kacie said...

What, you don't want to lay in the hot tub and look up at the sky?!? Hahaha!

Katie said...

Bahaha that picture of Stella in Henry's pants had me cracking up...she looks so gangster!