E. M. K.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

E. M. K.

let's do this 2011 break up style:
ashton, marc or george
this one is SUPER hard for me because ashton and marc both weird me out.
ashton is just so immature and marc is just weird.  idk i think jlo is super weird too.
of course marry george.  le duh.
however don't you think WHY is this man not married?  something HAS to be up.
i guess do off with ashton.
my word that dude is annoying as all hell.
and eff marc.
one time that's it good bye senor.
your turn!


Heather said...

E - Ashton
M - George
K - Marc - I'm with you on this one...he weirds me out. I don't think I could handle him touching me.

Ashley Mitchell said...

E: Ashton :)
M: George, nice!
K: Marc, he gives me the hebbie jebbies! Ick!

Kim Luke said...

E- Ashton. Have you seen his body on Two and a Half Men?? HOLLAAAAAAAA!!
M- George- yummy!
K- Marc- I agree, weird and I don't think he is attractive AT ALL!!!

Katie said...

E: Ashton
M: George - who wouldnt?!
K: Marc - he is NOT attractive at all. He creeps me out.