Thirstday and My Favorite Blogs

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thirstday and My Favorite Blogs

i love KLG and Hoda.
did you know they re-run their episodes at 1 a.m.
oh my word, 1 a.m. feedings have never been better.
i mainly love what they title every day.
and they fact that they drink every day (except Friday, what!??)
Monday Rumday
Tuesday Boozeday
Wednesday Winesday
Thursday Thirstday
Friday Dryday
what does this have to do with anything?
i really have no idea.
 besides that it's thirstday today and marg pitcher special.
in fact i got NOTHING for today.
nada. zilch. sorry.

my day today is MUCH better than yesterday.
heni slept ALL night - score
woke up remembering a good dream - i love when that happens!
got to work before time - i've been pretty good lately
there's a shit-ton of cookies in the kitchenette - this baby wait ain't going no where
and i haven't managed to spill ANY coffee on me yet.
yesterday I spilt a WHOLE cup every.where, PTL I was wearing head to toe black.
yes, head to toe black.  you can call me johnny.
anyways, STILL rambling.

i thought i would share with you guys some of my daily reads.
here's my blogger bffs (well, people I know):
of course my bff Kim who blogs about her cute and crazy lil family
Adrien who lives simply and i just admire that, she constantly brings me to a reality check.  in a good way!
Erin who you just NEVER know she is gona say.
Niki Taylor, aka Katie who just loves her some country music and it just so cute.
Heather, who knows what she wants and believes in and is gona tell you how it is.  Amen sister.
Beth who seriously has the funniest little boy ever!!
Lara who's commentary on her Christmas card bloopers makes me laugh every.single.time.
Some other blogger bffs who don't post often, but are a good read when they do:
Alyssa * Andrea * Sarah & Laura * Jackie * Sarah * Sara * Melissa * Abbey * Meagan
I love that the blogger world is growing.  Some of these girls have become GREAT friends to me.
With that being said we NEED another BNO ASAP!!

Happy Creeping!!


Erin said...

YAY for marg pitcher special and the surprise waiting for me on the washing machine!! a debit card that does NOT have my name on it. yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Ashley Mitchell said...

I know I don't blog, but I can't wait for another BNO!!

Adrien said...

Agree, I need another BNO in a bad way! Miss you girls!

Heather said...

I vote for a homemade drink night. I keep seeing all of these frothy drinks on Pinterest, and I want to try all of them but not make all of them. I would totally all for hosting a get together at my house where we all make a fantastic drink, play games, and catch up.

Heather said...

And thanks for the shout out!

Emily said...

This Blog Creeper wishes for another BNO as well!1 =)

Kacie said...

Love the margarita quote :) just wish I liked margaritas more!!

Cassie said...

heather - i'm ALL for that!!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the shout out...I need to be a better blogger!

I totally agree about homemade drink night!...YUM!!!

Christine said...

Check this out if you like Hoda & Kathie Lee!

"Hod the phone. That kotb true!!" LOL

Lara said...

I need to get in on these outings! Thanks for the shout out, I just wish I could find the time to blog more often.