E. M. K.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

E. M. K.

my sister once dated a guy named ryan.
let's just say ryan is like a cuss word in our house now.
ha, poor kid.  just kidding.....
but anyways, on to some better ryans.
anyone else see all the "hey girl" ryan gosling pics.
anyways, so let's e.m.k. Ryan Style:
of course MARRY Ryan Gosling
i'm probably do off with Ryan Reynolds.
and eff Ryan Phillippe, you know since he's a Dad an all.
ha, ok so your turn.
play along.
and share your favorite "hey girl" quotes.
they crack me up!!


Anonymous said...

E: Reynolds
M: Gosling
K: Phillippe (his face annoys me) Harsh?? Sorry!

Ashley Mitchell said...

E: Reynolds...HOT!
M: Gosling, duh.
K: Phillippe, who leaves Reese?

Erin said...

As you know. I also have an ex named Ryan. It's not a good word. And my cousin has a bf named Ryan so my aunt gets confused a lot and calls Brandon that. It.is.not.good. it actually makes me REALLY MAD. try a little to get someones name right.. ANYWAY. I agree with those above.. and OMG Gosling does something to my heart for real.

Heather said...

SO torn on this one.

Definitely K Phillippe. Idiot.
And I'm always going to pick the one that's a little bad over the nice guy cause it curls my toes, so M Reynolds and E Gosling.

Kim Luke said...

E: Reynolds- I would lick him alllll over. bahaha. whoops. PG blog, I forgot.
M: Gosling YUM YUM YUM!!! see, PG
K: Phillippe. After I E him! :)

Lara said...

Have you seen crazy, stupid, love? I thought Ryan Gosling was hot until that movie...he kind of had a lisp. Ruined it for me! So, marry Ryan Reynolds, kill Ryan PhIllippe, & eff Gosling...he just wouldn't be aloud to talk ;)

Sarah said...

tough to pick between Reynolds and Gosling, but...
E: Reynolds (love him in the Proposal and that body and face)
M: Gosling (again, love that body and face)
K: Phillippe (I agree, he left Reese and he just doesn't do it for me)