Christmas Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Weekend Wrap Up

hey hey!!
i'm just going to admit i LOVED seeing the snow this morning.
crazy to think i took the kids on a walk on christmas morning when it was like 45 degrees
and today there is snow on the ground.
and i think on new years day it's supposed to be like 51.
wow, do i sound like a mom talking about the weather......
anyways, we had a LONG holiday weekend.
friday i worked from home while aunt danielle got in some much needed S&H time.
we have decided we are going to start taking before and after pictures of her when she comes over.
one because usually she had about 5 throw up stains on her.
two because stella LOVES to do hair and her hair looks fabulous when stella is done
and three because she is freaking whooped.
ha, PTL for Aunt Danielle.  we sure do love her.
josh worked pretty much ALL weekend and so i have to send out a HUGE
to my sisters and mom and not uncle phil for helping out so so so much.
i couldn't have done it without you guys.
and yes, i MAY just say, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!
i know i know, i dropped the L bomb.
it's only because it's Christmas.
anyways, friday night we did christmas at my mom's house.
stella got a kitchen from aunt danielle and aunt lacie and she is in LOVE.
if i am looking for anything, i now know to go look in her kitchen first.
home girl puts everything in there.
saturday josh was off in the morning for a bit so we traveled to see his gma and drop off some presents.
stella got an elmo tie blanket and she LOVES it (so does mommy).
after that josh went to work and we headed to my dad's for presents and lunch.
of course NO ONE had napped yet and everyone was in a great mood.
i forgot the presents, forgot their clothes for church, and probably would have forgot my head if it wasn't attached.
oh well, i ran back in town and got a little break and regrouped.
after presents and many failed attempts to get stella to nap i loaded them up in the car and everyone fell asleep.
PTL for car rides.
we drove around for 45 minutes until about 5 minutes before church started and headed in.
my kids were AMAZING in church.
ahhhhhhh-thank you jesus!!
after church we headed to ggma and ggpas house for MORE presents.
we enjoyed a nice evening with family.
christmas morning josh was off to work bright and early.
hen was up at 545, and stella slept until 8:00.
of course, christmas morning she would sleep in.
don't we look like a cute bunch.  ha.
we spent most of the day playing with new toys and relaxing.
AND watching about 17 episodes of Barney.
once josh got home that evening we loaded up yet again and headed to our last christmas.
i would have to say my children are VERY loved.
my word we need a bigger house.
i believe we may have 43 baby dolls now.
henry has a whole entire new wardrobe.
thank you thank you thank you to everyone who is so good to my babies.
monday was an extremely relaxing day.
momma got a pedi then snuggled with my babies for a 3 hour nap.
and now back to the grid today for four short days then another long weekend.
ps - i'm thinking a fun new years DAY outing.  i'm not all for going out new years night.  momma is in bed by 9:00, come on now.  so who's in?!  i say we start with margs at brunch......erin??
hope you all had a VERY merry christmas!!


Ashley Mitchell said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Im with you on the bigger house. I have NO idea where I'm ganna put all of the new toys! Ahhh

Lara said...

Love the pic of Henry on his new couch! He looks very relaxed! Man, Josh sure had to work lots over the weekend, hopefully he got paid tons and you can buy yourself a nice broom to go with your awesome trash can :) I'm glad you all had a great Christmas!

Heather said...

I might be at the winery on NYE if they are open

Cassie said...

ha great idea lara!! lol.

Beth said...

Aw, how sweet of the kids to get together and plan a 3 hour nap for mommy's present! Seriously, I'm jealous!! Merry Christmas!

Kacie said...

Can't wait to come see and play with all the new toys! :) and give them a few more!!