no shoes, no shirt, no problem

Thursday, December 1, 2011

no shoes, no shirt, no problem

Here's how my morning started:
Of course woke up late.
Aka - my bed just felt so good I couldn't get out of it.
Even with a 22 month old's foot in my back.
And a dog at my feet.
Anyways, Henry starts to stir.
So I get up, pee, because that's what everyone does first right, and go get him.
Never fails that Abbie then gets up.
And homedog has zero patience.
She's gotta go.
So half naked Heni gets put back in his crib so I can take the dog out.
The noise of the garage door wakes Grumpy Pants who starts to cry.
Because that's what homegirl does.
I rush back to her to give her her B (yes she still has one) and she goes back to sleep.
Of course I get Henry ready and the second I pick him up her yacks.
Because let's face it, that's what babies do, yack on perfectly clean clothes.
By this time we should all be loaded up in the car and on our way to Connies.
But nope, I'm still in my robe and Henry is the only one dressed.
So we rush rush, get grumpy pants dressed and head to the kitchen to get everyone loaded up.
Stella insisted on having a granola bar on the way to Connies so fine, I give her one.
We take off.
We see Brent at the square and he follows us most of the way to Waterloo.
Poor Brent, he probably thinks I'm a crazy person, I'm sure I was all over the road.
I swear, driving with two under two is more dangerous than driving after drinking.
So pink marshmallow girl is stuffed in her carseat and can barely get her hands to her face.
I am about losing my coffee in the front seat while watching her in the rearview mirror.
Highlight of my morning.  LOL.
Anyways, she finally is done with the granola bar, or so I think.
She says, 'heyougo" and I reach my hand back.
Big mistake.
In dropped chewed up, slimy granola bar.
Awesome.  Thanks Stel.
I mean usually I just eat whatever she hasn't eaten.
Because honestly I thought she was going to hand me 3/4 of a granola bar.
But Mommy was NOT eating this.
Great, so now what do I do.
Hold it?
Try to find a napkin?
Throw it out the window and then get it all over Brent's truck?
Or find an old receipt in the door and just use it as a napkin?
Yep, the receipt one.
Once I got "breakfast" off my hand I hear another "heyougo" from the pink marshmallow.
This time it's a sock.
Wait, a sock?  Where's the shoe?
Shit, SHOES!
Ha, no shoes for Stella today.
Good thing it's cold and the kids can't do outside.
Oh well.  So we get to Connie and now I have to carry Stella inside because she has no shoes.
We get everyone settled in and I explain why we have no shoes.
But PTL for other people who have crazy mornings.
Another girl at Connies just wasn't feeling it today either and insisted on wearing slippers and slippers only.
Ahhhh, now Momma doesn't feel so bad.
I lay Heni down, give him and kiss and get his every so famous glare of, "Mom you are nutso."
Yes bud, I know.
Surprisingly enough I was only 5 minutes late for work.
Good thing it's Thursday, marg special duh!


Cassie said...

wow sorry for the 47 typos!
it's just been a day!

Adrien said...

Haha, oh my goodness. I'm sure it wasn't funny then, but I'm cracking up at the realization of Stella having no shoes on. Sounds like something I would do!

Anonymous said...

hahah truthfully this post is exactly what I think my mornings will be like when I have kids. I lay in bed every monring enjoying the last 5 min of my warm bed when really I should be up and getting ready. I am always running late for work in the mornings.

I'm assuming since you didnt mention much about youself that you have matching shoes on today? Thats a positive!

Heather said...

I am so sorry, but I laughed my ass off through this whole story...especially the chewed up granola bar bit. I died.

Cassie said...

ha, glad i'm not the only one adrien.

and yes katie i do have matching shoes, but i did have to look down and double check. lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh and could we get a picture of pink marshmallow?! I could totally picture her! hahah

Cassie said...

i know, i was so mad that i didn't take a picture this morning but we were running so late i didn't reach back and snap a picture. i will tonight. it's hilarious!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Hahaha.. Oh lord. Our lives would be so boring w/o kiddos. I have definitely worn two diff black heels to work before. :)

Jackie said...

LOL...sounds like my mornings! I LOLed about the granola bar...Loreli does that all the time....GROSS but she sure thinks its funny!

Lara said...

That B is a hard thing to get rid of. If it makes your mornings & bedtime easier, I'd keep it and worry about ditching it when she is 2.
I can't help but picture pink marshmallow and lol...yes, we need a photo of this!
When my mornings go this way I am so thankful I can fix my hair at work, lol

Kacie said...

I had to ask Brent about following you. He said he would have dodged the granola bar! Thank you for making my bad day a little better! Sorry, but this post
made me laugh...."homegirl" "homedog" "pink marshmallow" ohh LOL :)