Confession Friday

Friday, December 2, 2011

Confession Friday

Happy Friday Ya'll!
We have our ladies Christmas party at work today and I'm stoked!!
Haven't eaten since 5:00 last night so I can pig out at lunch.
Ha, kidding.  Kinda.....
To those few women who I work with and read my blog, don't judge me at lunch.  Ha.
Anyways, PTL it's Friday.
We get to wear jeans on Fridays and I swear every Friday I check and re-check my phone 50 times to make sure it is indeed Friday.
Probably my biggest fear, showing up on Thursday wearing jeans because I thought it was Friday.
Yes, I'm aware, I'm losing it.
On to the confessions......
I confess Stella brushed her teeth this morning.  Happy Dad?  My Dad totally called me out on not brushing Stella's teeth every day.  I think his exact words were, "brush your daughter's teeth Cassie!"  Whoops.

I confess that I have had to wear my glasses all week.  For those of you who know I wear my contacts for months straight.  Sleep in them.  Never take them out.  Honestly I really only put a new one in when I lose one.  Bad, I know.  I totally forgot to order more and I have completely ran out.  I can't get into the doctor until Monday.  Boo.  If someone has a pair of -6.25 Acuvue Oasis laying around, PLEASE let me know.  And yes, I said -6.25.  I know, I'm blind.  Most of you are just like -1 something or less.  Oh well, I make my children eat carrots with every meal just so they don't have eyes like me.

Along with wearing my glasses all week I have of course gotten a comment just about about them.  Oh the joys of working with mostly men.  I have been called a ninja, yes a ninja.  Probably because I was wearing all black that day, but hello, I LOVE black.  And I was called Sarah Palin.  Yeah, not even going to go there.  And then someone asked if I was just trying to be studious.  Oh yes, absolutely.  Because I have two under two and I just want to wear glasses for the hell of it, you know to make me look studious.  Oh the confidence boosts I get at work!!

I confess my free sirius radio ran out.  It was a sad day.  I may have cursed my radio.

I now officially know where I get my cray cray from.  My Dad.
He's 100% guilty of doing this to Heni.
Dad's words were "Play ball!"
I confess Stella can say her ABCs.  Ok, only a few letters really.
A, B, C (obviously) comes out super clear.
Followed by a lot of mumblings, then yel-em-en-o (which kinda sounds like yell-o-minnow)
And then coo-r-ess.
And then she's just done.  The alphabet ends at S according to Stella.
Hey, it's a start and I'm on freaking cloud nine!  YAY Sis!!
Also she counts too.
1, 2, 3, 5, 9.
I have a genius on my hands people.  A genius.
I confess I have been an emotional wreck lately.  I cried during Miracle on 34th Street the other night, I cried reading a letter to the editor about the neighbor lady who passed away (ok more like sobbed), and I cried over some one's FB post.  Thank you hormones.  I need a drink.
I confess I STILL do not have my tree up.  Hopefully this weekend.
And if my husband doesn't get out and put up Christmas lights I'm gona lose it.
We have kids, therefore we should have Christmas lights out.  Right?  Not too much to ask.
And if you hang Christmas lights don't you get $5 off your utility bill?
Might have to call my rent-a-husband Brent and have him help.

Alright, I guess that's it.  I have lunch on my mind and can't really think of anything else. Have a good weekend and stay warm!!


Heather said...

Hahahahaha...your dad cracks me up. Those socks are too cute!

I confess that I have been using my insulated resuable cup for a week now and haven't washed it once. It's just water...can't be that dirty right?

Adrien said...

Hehe, yay Stella!

I confess that Belle's Enchanted Christmas is coming on the Disney Channel today, and I'm pumped! :) Yes, I'm six years old.

Have a great lunch!

Crystal L said...

I believe it's $10.00 off your utility bill for outside Christmas lights. Just make sure you get the coupon or voucher thingy out of the paper at least that's where I think you get it...I have a husband who refuses to put outside lights up...and to make it worse I think every other house on the street does.

Cassie said...

Heather - I do the same thing. Ha, the cleaning people at work probably think I'm nasty. Hey I rise it out when I put new water in it, it's clean, right?

Adrien - too cute!! lol.

Crystal - $10?? SCORE! Ha, well, just remember when you are sitting in your non lit up house, I'm right with ya girl. lol.

Melinda Bradley said...

I confess I am right there with ya on the crying.. Commercials and Christmas movies get me these days, and I am not much of a cryer!!!!!! I start to tear up, then ask myself, what the heck am I doing...why am I starting to cry! Darn hormones, please stop! :)

Erin said...

I honestly think it takes at least a year for your hormones to go back to normal after baby. ANd since you were pregnant again before a year you must be all f'd up. Lol. I know I am!

Kim Luke said...

I'm pretty sure my son taught your daughter how to count. I rarely get 3 out of him. it's usually 1, 2, 5, 9. wtf. but if i bribe him with candy he counts to 10 correctly faster than I can!
Hope I see you this weekend!!! I miss my BFF!!! :(

Lara said...

Stella has it goin on! She just has to fill in the blanks on a few letters & numbers and she could go right to kindergarten!
I confess I realized this past weekend when we had a house full of people that I am obsessed with the toilet lid being closed. If it's not down when you flush all that "stuff" goes into the air and thats GROSS! So, please if you are ever at my house close the lid, lol.

Cassie said...

your not crying alone melinda, i feel ya girl! lol.

erin - yes i am messed up, for years to come. lord help me.

kim - yeah i'm pretty sure if i don't see you and your kids soon i'm just gona sit at your house and wait until you get home. lol.

lara - bahaha, toilets are just gross in general. but i will keep that note in mind. lol.

Katie said...

I confess I have never seen A Miracle on 34th Street. Text me next time its on tv. :)

I confess I had JJs for lunch today and didn't leave one crumb. I really think its their bread that makes me stop breathing as I quickly inhale my Club LuLu.
Its amazing.