Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

hey hey!!
tomorrow is St. Nick's Day, holla!!
(and you're welcome if you totally forgot because I did.)
ptl for fb and good christian people who still celebrate.
does St. Nick come even if you don't have your Christmas tree up yet?
I hope so.
if not it's going to be a late night for Momma.
so on to the weekend.
friday night was low key.
made some pizza, burnt some pizza, and settled with some chips.
we always buy clubs from choice the neighbor boys but man oh man is that shit nasty.
i think next year we will settle for the cookie dough or something.
since projects at our house take every bit of a month to complete, we painted another dresser friday night.
stella some how managed to get herself in the paint and get it everywhere.
i have come to this realization, tell kids TO touch things, they won't touch it.  at all!!
tell them not to touch it, and they will make it their mission to touch it, 29289 times.
after a ton of paint, everywhere, we finished and called it a night.
josh was up working on saturday and the kids and i were headed to the lukes.
i bribed them with ck, i mean four kids under 2.  i will buy them whatever they want.
i dropped them off and headed to get the iud/mirena.
and i freaking LOVE it.
it wasn't very painful at all!!
minus the whole, pinching your uterus, pulling it down a bit, and sliding it in 7 inches.
holy mother of goddddd!!
but no babies for five years, i can deal with the pinch.
i headed back to get my babies who were having a BLAST.
henry wasn't messing around.
he thinks after 3 months it's totally ok to go to first base.
lay didn't think so and put up her fist.
ha, hen backed away.  happy wife, happy life.
while stella knew where her place was and she went straight to cleaning the floors.
landon said, "that's my girl, she knows her place."
anyways, the kids were worn out and slept the whole way home and then some.
aunt lacie and nana came over later for lunch and we hung out the rest of the day.
later that day stella came out of the closet.  bahaha.  kidding.
i had plans to go out with the girls later that night but I was a Negative Nancy and wasn't feeling it.
the kids went to bed early so I popped in bridemaids had a come to jesus with myself and called a friend.
momma needed a road trip.
good friends + ice cold cl + a backroad = happy cassie
it was exactly what i needed!!
we all enjoyed breakfast at ck on sunday morning where stella entertained the whole place.
we headed home to bake and get ready for a holiday party later that afternoon.
henry chilled on the counter and watched us try to be creative.
i think my first pinterest attempt was a success.
and they are so good.  perfect combo of sweet and salty.
mmm, mmm, mmm.
we packed everyone up and headed to the party.
i literally think on the way there we found BFE.
no joke.  the party was in Herrin and I went through towns I never knew existed.
i came pretty close to checking my gps to see if it did in fact say, you are 5 miles away from BFE.
we were out there!!  but made is safe and sound.
the kids had a blast and played and played.
we stocked up on some delicious cookies and before we knew it, it was time to go.
everyone fell asleep right away and i thought, ahhh, this hour and a half drive is going to be great.
30 minutes later...........the ride from hell was born!
screaming, crying, sweating, choking, one.hot.mess.
it was pouring down rain so it's not like i could just stop on the side of the road.
and we were in BFE so i was scared outa my mind.
i called josh in a panic.
meet me somewhere ASAP.  i have no idea where we are, but these kids need to get out of the car.
ptl we were about 30 minutes out from his gmas house so we met him there.
i was stressed outttttt!!
we got everyone out of the car like it was a fire drill or something and everyone calmed down.
we ate, visited, and chilled for a good hour.
ptl for grandmas!!
we packed everyone back up and headed home, and this time everyone slept the whole way.
thank you jesus.
momma was done, showered, and in bed by 8:30.
i had one of those sleeps where i slept so hard i think i woke up in the same position i went to bed in.
didn't move, didn't wake, literally slept like a rock.  it was amazing.
and now we are here at monday.
FINALLY getting new contacts this afternoon and hopefully getting the tree up tonight!!
hope you all had a great weekend!!


Mary said...

I loved your post. You won't be bored for years to come :-). I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Blessings...Mary

Ashley Mitchell said...

That is one busy weekend!! The pics of Henry and Layla, too cute!

Adrien said...

Love, love all the pictures! Those treats look so yummy. Glad your IUD went well, because I'm considering going that route down the road. So does that mean you're open to more kids, just not soon? ;)

Cassie said...

dare i say it adrien. lol. but yes. but a LONG time from now. lol.
honestly i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mommy, i just HATE being pregnant. lol.

thanks ladies!!

Heather said...

We never did celebrate St. Nicks day. I'm starting to think we really missed out on something.

Ashley Mitchell said...

Open to more kids?? I like what I'm hearing. I'm sure by the time you're ready I will need a baby fix bc I. AM. DONE. :)

Danielle0418 said...

Does St. Nick come tonight or tomorrow night? I can't remember and I know tomorrow is St. Nicks day but I can't remember if he comes tonight (like Christmas) or the night of the actual day. It's our first Christmas tradition and I don't want to mess it up :)

Katie said...

Where are you getting these dressers that you are refinishing and making beautiful? I LOVE the one in your living room!

hahah The picture of Henry all up on Layla's business I was going to comment on Kim's fb about it, but I didnt bc I didnt know how to word it. But, it looks like Henry has been watching Dane and Kim a little too much. (their picture from this past weekend) hahah

Looks like we made a very similiar treat this weekend. Sooo good.

Kelly Muench said...

Hey cassie!! I love your snack that you made, I just made some of those last night with Faye (Jared's mom)! Super cute snack that is soooo easy to make! Cool!

Lara said...

I couldn't help but cringe when you said pinching your uterus. I'm sure it will be worth the pain!
I love the pics of the kids together! And thanks for posting pink marshmallow on fb! Too funny and so cute!

Cassie said...

danielle - he always come the eve of the 5th to open in the morning on the 6th.

katie - i get the dressers from your favorite place, craigslist!! lol. but if you want one, let me know, i will keep my eye out.

kelly - thanks!! they are so good and SO easy!! might have to start making them every year.

lara - ha, yeah i cringed too. it's painful, but worth it!! ha, and yes the pink marshmellow. oh lord. she must be revolting since i put that picture on fb because this morning was a wrestling match to get her coat on. she was like oh hell no, i'm not wearing this this so you can make fun of me all day. lol.