Let's Talk About....

Friday, December 16, 2011

Let's Talk About....

i really don't have any confessions today, just some things i wana talk about....

so let's talk about this girl.
where she learned this i have no idea.
but taking a picture of my sweet little innocent baby girl is OVER.

speaking of sweet little innocent baby girl....
see that hair?
yeah this is mid fit because mommy wanted to put her hair in a ponytail before we left.
no no, only the baby sitter can do her hair.
yeah so lucky mommy and aunt lacie we got to out out in public with home girl like this.
and of course we ran into EVERYONE.
of course.

let's talk about hen:
cuz every girl's crazy bout a sharp dressed man

but let's talk about the mornings when hen doesn't wana be put down.
usually home boy is awesome in the mornings.
i mean awesome.
but this morning, no freaking way.
he wanted to be held from 5:00 until 6:45 when we left the house.
which just can't happen.
i put him down, he cries, wakes up sister, who is just GLORIOUS in the morning.
i almost started drinking.
ptl the second we got in the car and took off, he was out.
uh oh, henry is just like mommy, if he's tried, he's crabby as hell.

let's talk about the amazing feeling your heart has when people are just flat out sweet.
ahhhhh, love.

let's talk about this out of this world adorable baby girl:
oh faye baby, you make my uterus flutter.
and then i look back up at the second picture and it stops.
bahaha.  kidding.

let's talk about how i have 75 followers.  holla!
but over 200 page views a day.
wait, that doesn't add up.
come follow you secret readers!!

let's talk about how i have my christmas cards in the mail a week before christmas.
pretty sure that is a record in my book!!

what do you wana talk about?
have a good weekend everyone!


Adrien said...

Love the card! I am so behind.... And that picture of Stella (well, both of them) just cracks me up!

Mindy Bradley said...

The first pic the Stella reminds me of Michelle on full house! Haha :)

Katie said...

We got your Christmas card! So cute and I love the highlights of the Walter family on the back. too cute!