Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

hey hey!!
i'm sure most of you have nice short weeks this week then off for christmas.
so on to the weekend.........
friday we did nothing.
i'm pretty sure i was sleeping by 8:30.
saturday josh was off to work and hen was up at 5:30 and ready to go.
stella was up by 7 and the craziness began.
i was craving some ck so we went there with nana.
stella was horrible.
we headed home to meet aunt lacie and go try santa attempt #2.
the second we walked in the door homegirl was over it.
crying, tears, clingy for dear life and repeating buh-bye over and over.
henry slept through the whole thing.  cuz that's how he rolls.
i think we were in and out of there in like 10 minutes.
oh well, i have officially given up on santa.
we headed back to town, grabbed some mcdonalds and chilled.
well, kinda......
stella turned into a ninja jacked up on sweet tea.
and then she did some pantless planking while watching elmo.
and abbie sat patiently waiting for her to drop a fry.
THEN she got the grand idea to put Henry in her baby stroller.
of course, i let her.
ha, she was so proud!!
henry, was NOT impressed.
really mom??
sorry baby.  it was funny.  i had to.
i spent the rest of the evening wrapping christmas presents and cleaning house.
i know, i am super exciting.
sunday morning i got my christmas gift from josh.
i opened the front door to take the dog out and there was a box on the porch that said amazon on the side.
josh said, oh i bet that's your christmas present.
wait - what?  josh got me something, SCORE!
so i bring it inside and excitingly tear into it.
ladies and gentlmen the christmas presents of all christmas presents.
momma got a trash can.
yep, you read that right. 
be jealous.
honestly i was speechless.
don't get me wrong i HATED our trash can and bitched about it a lot.
and this is a really nice trash can.
but a trash can is a household accessory, NOT a christmas present.
however josh didn't believe that.
he was dead serious about it being my christmas present.
i mean totally compatible with the iphone i got him for christmas right?
oh well, it's better than nothing.  i sure do love my new trash can!!
after i played with my new trash can for hours i put it together and starred at it in disbelief,
i called up aunt lacie and took some of my frustration out on retail therapy and finished up my shopping.
later that night we headed to josh's parents house for christmas with them.
stella and henry had gifts galore.
no joke, i think we need a bigger house!
i REALLY thought this was going to be another trash can!!
ha, jk jk.
stella however is totally into the, oh i have one toy i am obsessed with and i don't care about any others.
so i ended up opening a majority of her gifts.
the kids had a blast and LOVED everything.  thank you walters!!
once we got home sister was full steam ahead and NOT wanting to sleep.
(pretend that binky is NOT in her mouth, ok)
homegirl LOVES this cash register.  she played with it until 11:00!!
and her shopping cart too.  she is quite the little shopper.
now here we are at monday!
hope you all had a good weekend.
anyone else get a new trash can?!?!


Ashley Mitchell said...

Hahaha, you crack me up. When will men ever learn!

Heather said...

I love that picture of Stella sitting next to Henry in the stroller. She looks so well behaved and innocent!!

And my mouth seriously hit the floor when you said "trash can". I think there was an audible GASP too.

Cassie said...

ha oh yeah, so innocent. she was seriously tickled pink that he was sitting in her stroller. lol.

yep, a trash can.

Julia said...

I totally thought you were going to say he got you a Kindle...and then I read the rest:/ Oops!! Oh well...it's the thought that counts, right?!? lol

I got my mom 2 cookie sheets for Christmas if that makes you feel any better;)

Oh yeah...your kids are too.stinking.cute!!!!

Mindy Bradley said...

That picture of Stella next to Henry is so adorably cute!!!! And I have to say I was so totally NOT expecting TRASH CAN! I was thinking wow a package from amazon... Let's see.... iPad? Or at least something fun and exciting..lol. I guess every time you dispose of something you think of your darling husband and what would you do without a such wonderful trash can! =) lol

Cassie said...

ha, julia and mindy i would go for a kindle or ipad, but nope. FAR from it.

and yes mindy, that is one positive thing. when i think of trash i will think of my darling hubby. ha. good way to put it!

and thanks for the cute kids comment!!

Anonymous said...

Still shaking my head.

Love the first picture of Stella hahaha she cracks me up! Then her sitting next to Henry so proud.

Ashley Mitchell said...

You should get yourself a t-shirt made that says, I married Josh and all I got was a trash can. Wear it around the house, I bet he will never make that mistake twice. Lol.

Katie said...

Jake got me a space heater for my birthday....I feel ya. I just kind of stared at him and said "That is NOT my birthday present." End of discussion. He brought home a Columbia jacket for me a few days later so he's getting better.

Adrien said...

I think there's some sort of unspoken law that when you become a mom gifts stop being fun and start being practical. Now I know how my mom felt all of those years she got small appliances she never asked for. :)

Beth said...

"a ninja jacked up on sweet tea" - best thing I've heard all day.

And, the pic of Stella and Henry together with him in the baby stroller-- her smile is so sweet, like a little model baby!

Beth said...

Holy puma! I just noticed Henry's socks - hilarious!!!

Cassie said...

bahaha glad you like my humor. it's actually half regular half sweet. i can't give her straight sweet tea, homegirl would NEVER nap.
and thanks, they are a hand me down from a friend. i think they are too cute!!

Jackie said...

Henry looks so so cute in the stroller! Love them cheeks!

Like you said I guess a trash can is better then nothing....but pretty sure Josh needs to take some classes on what to get his wife for christmas! Send him Eli's way becasue Eli is awesome about gifts and gets great ones!