Hey, It's Ok....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hey, It's Ok....

happy thursday!
aka - happy margarita pitcher special night!
there's a good chance you can find me there tonight.
enjoying a much date night with my bff.

hey it's ok....
to still think upsexy is hilarious.
even if it was cool last week, i'm a mom, i'm behind on the times and it cracks my shit up.
what's upsexy you ask?
oh nothing much.
bahahaha - gets me every time.
yes, i'm 12.  lol.
it's also ok to LOVE when someone totally knows what you are trying to pull with the upsexy joke but plays along for the heck of it.  ptl for good people, they makes me smile (even if they totally ruined the joke, lol).

hey it's ok...
if your daughter now thinks that baby needs to be in your pictures together.
oh, hey baby!!
goof butt.

hey it's ok....
to sing blues clues every time i put this outfit on henry
we just figured out blues clues, we just figured out blues clues.....
sorry heni.

hey it's ok....
to not be able to wipe the smile off of your face when daddy calls you in a panic because he had to pick up kids up from the sitter and stella wants her mommy and she can't find her b and he can't find it either and everyone is crying and he's about to lose it.
welcome to my world daddy.
step right inside.
admissions free.

hey it's ok....
to not have christmas lights outside your house yet.
wait, no it's NOT ok.  pretty sure i will pay ANYONE to come and do it.  ANYONE to get the damn point across.  i mean how is santa going to find our house?!

hey it's ok....
to not know how to do much with your iphone.  i don't have time.  i can answer calls, check my e-mail, watch elmo on you tube, that's about as good as it gets.

hey it's ok....
to be completely crazy in love with my babies because they are so amazing and so perfect and make me the happiest mommy in the whole wide world.
i don't know what i did big man, but thank you!!

What are you ok with today?!


Katie said...

I did the upsexy joke on Kathy. She said it right away, but was confused. She kept going back to my question that I used 'upsexy' in. hahahah

Now I have Blue Clues song in my head. Thanks!!

Its ok that I havent bought Christmas cards yet. I looked at them once, but didnt see any I liked.

Lara said...

First off, I love that the lines on Henry's shirt get wider across his belly! lol..Max is on his way to catch up with you, Hen!
It's ok to have Thomas underwear soaking in the sink because your stubborn 2yr old is not catching on to the potty training thing and totally left a nice present for Thomas today.

Kim Luke said...

I agree that it's OK to still be laughing at the upsexy text.
seriously, freaking hilarious.

it's OK that I haven't cooked dinner 1 night this week. And I'm going out with you tonight. oops.

it's OK that my 2 1/2 year old (next week) still is OBSESSED with his blanket. I have no idea how we're going to get it away from him.

it's OK to want to redo your wedding thanks to pinterest.

Ashley Mitchell said...

Oh Henry...so cute.
And, it IS so funny when daddy calls FREAKING out about something mommy deals with everyday. Love it. :)

Heather said...

It's Ok to drink every night during the week if you need it. I'm thisclose to losing it. Thanks for trying to save me!

Kacie said...

Yes, love the upsexy joke....used it twice in the last 24 hours! I had never heard of it until I read Kim's blog yesterday!!
I agree with the lights!! When you find that person to put them up send them my way next!
It's ok that I am just now figuring out and addicted to pintrest

Cassie said...

ha, wow, sounds like we all needed to let off some steam today. lol.

katie - you better send your cards. i love getting them because i love seeing andy's hand writing. cracks me up!!

lara - you poor thing. poor thomas. :(
and yes, that 3 month shirt is TIGHT. bahaha.

kim - i haven't cooked one night either. whoops! see you at 7! lol.

ashley - oh yes! oh daddys....

heather - you should come!!

kacie - told you it was addiciting!!

Jackie said...

I love the upsexy joke....yet to do it to Eli!

Lara...poor poor Thomas!

It's OK to be the one calling Daddy and freaking out...Momma can't handle it sometimes!