Henry's Twin?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Henry's Twin?

who does Henry look like is a question I get ALL the time.
a lot of people say my sister.
some people say my dad.
he looks a lot more like a steibel than he does a walter, that's for sure.
unlike stella who fell straight outa her daddy's booty.
and he looks NOTHING like his sister.
and luckily, nothing like the mailman either.
some people say he looks like my uncle, who i kind of look like too.
which is totally messed up, i know.
i told my mom NOT to wait until she is on her death bed to tell me the truth.
anyways, dug up some pictures.
you tell me.....
boy am i a sucker for that double chin Heni boy :)
my Dad
ps - look at his right hand, wtf is up with that finger?
it seems abnormally long.
or maybe i'm just looking at it weird.
my uncle.
it think hen and him have the same eyes.
and all that hair.  holy heartburn gma!
and henry, i think it's official, you have the steibel nose.
so what do you think?
should i start calling my uncle my dad?


Kim Luke said...

I'm still going with Lacie. lol

Kim Luke said...

but he definitely looks more like your uncle than your dad! lol

Ashley Mitchell said...

im so bad at this game, sorry :)

Anonymous said...

Im sticking with Lacie also. I said that in the hospital and I still think it.

Cassie said...

so weird, i do NOT see lacie. hmmm....might have to try to find a baby picture of her!

Anonymous said...

Okay. I am going to smack you hard if you do not STOP saying Tony is your dad. We will look tonight, Henry is little Lacie. He has her even temperament and personality. I still agree that he is going to have the Steibel nose, sorry buddy you didn't get that from Nana!

Jackie said...

I am gonna say your uncle!

Kacie said...

Your uncle, I've said that from the beginning. But I want to see a picture of Lacie and compare!

Kim Luke said...

why did I not notice your dads mohawk the first time I look at this?? lol love it!!!

Katie said...

I must be really bad at this game. I don't see Lacie at all...and I think he looks more like your dad's picture than your uncle's...but that may just be the hair?