Confession Friday

Friday, December 9, 2011

Confession Friday

confessh sessh', let's do this.

i confess kim, erin, sarah and i's belting of hard candy christmas at the office last night was amazing.

the look from every single guy in the place was priceless.
we killed it.
move over dolly.  ha.

i confess i may have put stella's shoes on the wrong feet one morning this week.
my only excuse, it was before i had any coffee.
sorry bout it stel.

i confess, oatmeal cookies are just the best cookies for dunking.
in extremely hot coffee.
oh so good.
nom nom nom

i confess sometimes i just don't pay attention.
what is that black thing on henry's wrist you ask? 
it's a ponytail holder.
how and when did it get there?  i have no idea.
thank you stella.
poor heni.

i confess while rt-ing last week, some friends of mine were jamming out to a lil wayne song.
while i sat in the back seat, i had a severe come to jesus with myself.
i didn't know a damn word to the song.
i'm such a mom.

i confess i officially have more apps on my phone for my children then i do for myself.
again, i'm such a mom.

i confess that i stopped to check out a car that i loveD
i say loveD because once i found out bucket seats were an extra $750 option AND a mid-line model was starting at $35K i quickly fell outa love with it.

i confess i have the most caring and understanding friends ever.
especially this one

happy friday!!


Ashley Mitchell said...

I confess...

I bought 2 dollar McCafe's from Mcdonald's this morning! I mean they are only a dollar, might as well, right!?

Wheat thins holiday cinnamon crackers are ADDICTING! Step away from the box..

Eric put 3 month pants on Mason last night and they looked like board shorts on him. I said umm.. didn't u notice how small they looked? He said, I thought he looked cute. Lol.

That last pic...too funny.

Cassie said...

bahahaha - double fisting in the morning ashley. too funny.

ha, that would totally be newborn pants on hen. oh our big boys love em!!

Heather said...

I confess that cartoons are on in my house more than adult TV.

I confess that I had a piece of breakfast pizza from Casey's this morning and then someone brought in donuts...and I am thisclose to snagging one.

I confess that Zoey is a champion air humper...and instead of making her stop I laugh at her.

Cassie said...

get the donut!! lol.
bahahahaaha, dogs and humping is just gross. abbie only humps PEOPLE, not things. it's the grossest thing ever!

Heather said...

I got the donut. So good.

It's going to be really interesting when they realize they can hump each other. Cause Penny goes after her toys, and Zoey is content with dead air. Watch out when they figure it out!! The Rahn household will be R RATED!!

Adrien said...

Oh boy...I get the feeling that Henry is going to be the helpless victim of many dress up sessions in the future. :)

I confess that I had to google hard candy christmas, haha. Never ever heard of it. But your confession is a million times funnier when you hear the song. :D

Erin said...

Vomit came up my throat at the words double fisting. I may die today. Honestly thinking about driving to red bud just for McDonalds.

Cassie said...

adrien - it's quite the show.

erin - drop a mcchicken off at my house, please.

Kim Luke said...

seriously. i hate you. end of story.

Kim Luke said...

Ok so I'm over hating you. but seriously. why. lol and why are you wearing sunglasses in a bar? lol the neon lights too bright?

I swear those damn Mexicans put something in my margaritaS last night. I can barely function today. Can't wait to do it again next Thursday. lol

Cassie said...

i love you too kim.

and yeah i have NO IDEA where those sunglasses came from. whoops!

Erin said...

Kim is having some hispanic panic. I can't function either.

Jackie said...

I confess that I have not heard of Hard Candy Christmas either....

I would love to have a new SUV but like you said it ain't gonna happen...shit is outragous!

Looks like you girls a good old time last night!