Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

happy monday!
i am so happy today.
one of my really good friends is having her baybay.
on HER birthday.
i mean hello, best birthday present EVER!!
not gona lie SUPER jelly of people who go on their own.
i mean i am all about planning and not one for surprises but that rush of 'oh em gee let's go' would be cool.
maybe for baby number 3.
wait what??!
number 3?!!!!
yes, i'm drunk and it's 8:30 a.m.
on to the weekend......
friday nana came over and we headed uptown to see santa.
holy line.
an hour and a half of waiting, mostly OUTSIDE but it was worth it.
ok, well worth it for the red bud santa.
he is the best and he still makes this 25 year old believe.
however was it worth the wait for this?
lord i do not know.
homegirl has a death grip on momma.
even candy wouldn't do the trick.
so we settled for this instead.
henry says, i'm just going to close my eyes and pretend like my sister is NOT causing a scene.
pretty sure henry is going to think he is an only child come christmas time every year.
so after santa was a no go we went home and everyone crashed.
saturday josh was off to work and the kids slept until 7:30.
santa must have scared them so much they were afraid to wake up.
we chilled all day and us three had an GREAT day.
heni rolled over and was a tummy time champ!
considering it took his sister SEVEN months to do this, i'm one happy momma.
we didn't really do much the rest of the day and i was cool with that.
so was abbie.
sunday i was off to work at ck bright and early.
josh made breakfast for stella before i left and he was in a panic about what to do with henry while he ate.
ummm, eat with one hand, haven't ate with two hands in almost two years.
he wasn't a fan of that idea so i introduced him to this
bumbo baby drolling all over your breakfast.
i had a great day at ck and got a very nice compliment from an old man.
he told me i was a good worker for a young lady.
first off, young lady?  score.
second off, who doesn't like to hear they are a good worker.
thank you sir!!
i finished up the evening with some retail therapy at home depot and target.
aunt lacie came over to chill and since everyone thinks they are twins, here you go:
i do kinda see it.
hope you all had a good weekend!!


Kim Luke said...

Santa picture still cracks me up! Poor Stella. We were planning on going tonight but I think I'll be at the hospital instead.

So proud of you Heni!! Such a big boy. he's putting Layla to shame. Home girl wants to stay itty bitty forever I guess lol

Heather said...

Those Santa pictures crack me up. Love them!!

Cassie said...

ha, thanks!!

lay has plenty of time. she is just itty bitty. hopefully she likes big guys!! lol.

ps - santa is coming to the rocher bank on saturday if you want to go. i know rocher is kinda far but no lines and that santa is the BEST! it's the same one in the pictures above!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Mason has rolled over, like 3 times, Zack was rolling all over the place by this age. The Dr. said it's bc he is a content baby. I just think he's lazy. :) Such a mellow baby most the time.

Adrien said...

Go Henry! Haha, hopefully Stella won't be scared forever. I think crying Santa pictures are just hilarious. :)

Jackie said...

Eli stood in line for 45 min and then we came and stood in line for another 30 min....Red Bud Santa is the best!!!

I was craving some CK Sunday Morning but didn't happen!

Way to go Henry!..That is awesome!!! I can kinda see Lacie in him!

Anonymous said...

hahah poor Stella she is terrified!!

YAY Henry for rolling over and not minding Santa!!!!

He looks so big propped up next to Lacie like toddler age.