Oh How Pinteresting

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting

First off, hold the phone.  I will have a TWO year old in 3 months from today.
How in the world did this happen?!?
I'm not joking.  She was just....
a wittle baby.
Be still my heart.
So happy 21 months to Stella Ann!
PS - I hate saying, oh she is 21 months, so I just refer to her as, 'almost 2' or 'she will be 2 in February'.
Because straight up if someone told me their kid was 21 months I would probably turn around and say, oh, almost two then.
So I'm of course Pinterest obsessed.
You can follow me here.
What is Pinterest (in case you are living under a rock).
Bahaha, couldn't have said it better myself.
Anyways, so a few things I am loving on Pinterest this week.

Oh Kimmie, just face it, marriage isn't for everyone......

My Style:
I know I know I know, but this WILL be my 30th birthday present to myself.
Because let's be honest, it's going to take me that long to save up for it.

Momma has been sportin' the ponytail quite a bit since heading back to work.
Note to self: wake up earlier to do your hair.

Gift Idea:
If I had a board for weddings this could totally go under there.
Maybe I should start one, because my sisters will get married someday (I hope).  jk. jk.
But get them a puzzle that is blank and have their guests sign the pieces.  Then put it together and frame it.
Gorg!!  What a great idea.

For The Home:
The other day at Target I bought a calendar and REALLY had to talk myself into buying it because the damn thing was $20.  And then I see this on Pinterest and I literally kicked myself.
No joke, I still have the bruise.  Kidding.
But these are those little paint sample sheets you get from the store arranged in a picture frame.
I mean really, why do I not ever think of things like this.

So there you have it folks, some things, I'm LOVING this week.
And I have never linked up with anyone before so I'm trying it out this week.
So check it out here.
Happy Pinning!!


Ashley Mitchell said...

Ahhh..2, now the fun begins :)
Pinterest, I'm addicted to it more than FB.

Anonymous said...

I freaking LOVE the puzzle Idea! Great one. Seeing all the neat things Pinterest makes me want to get married again. (With a different man.) LOL JUST Kidding!!!!!!!! i love mine, most of the time :)

I also say Megan is a year and a half, and will say she turns 2 in April, after this month pasts.

Katie said...

That calender idea is super cute!

I do feel the slightest bit bad for Kim...but honestly....Kris Humphries?! She should have known she could do better.

Adrien said...

I've completely abandoned Pinterest. Maybe someday I'll get addicted, I just keep forgetting it exists, haha. I love that calendar idea! I've been seeing lots of cute things made out of paint chips...maybe I should start hoarding them when I go to the store. ;)

Cassie said...

Katie - EXACTLY!! I mean did anyone EVER like him? No.

Adrein - ha, too funny. I can see you being like, one second, I have to run by the paint section before we leave.

sblind2 said...

I Love Pinterest, but honestly I would say 95 well ok 80% of the stuff I pin I know that I'll never make....It's all super cute tho! About the calendar swell idea, but do they change the paint swatches every month?

sblind2 said...

OHHH, I just read about the puzzle, super cute!!! You'd have to make sure everyone wrote the correct way the puzzle fits together! =)

Anonymous said...

Yes pinterest I found you there LOL
Pinterest is a funny site.

Your header is soooo cute!