Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So here's a recap of last nights trick-or-treating festivities.
First off, Stella and Henry each got goodies bags from the sitters yesterday.
And one of the Mom's totally out did herself with these cute little things.
Yes my friends, that's a juice box.
Wrapped in black duct tape.
And cut out construction paper wings and face.
So easy.  Ridiciously cute!
I just keep telling myself that my box of Ritz cheese and crackers and Oreos were cute too, right?
Damn creative Mommys......
So anyways, fair warning.  Put your coffee down.  Swallow.
Ok, no proceed to the next picture.
First of Henry, oh my goodness, you look like an old man.
Too funny.
He is supposed to be a Nerd, but regardless it's too cute!
And Stella, well, she is just a mess as we all know.
And watching her try to get up with this skunk outfit on, bahaha, it was hilarious.
And proof that not only Henry thinks Stella is one hot mess......
The look on my niece Tenley's face is priceless.
I'm pretty sure she is saying "sit freaking still crazy girl!"
And Tenley's costume. Oh em gee, the cutest rabbit ever!!
She was a pro holding on to that carrot.  Loved it!!
Here's Stella sweet and innocent.
And here's Stella running into the street 2.5 seconds later.
And 2.5 seconds later she is crawling up the driveway.
Lordy she has quite the attention span.  lol.
After she was done showing off we decided to hit the neighborhood and see how this treating stuff would go.  Once she saw all of the kids she was ready to join in on the action.
However she thought you needed to eat the candy right after you got it.
Good try sister.
Mommy put a stop to that right away.
We just stuck to our street but she quickly got filled up.  We then headed home to pass out candy to all the other treaters.  Stella LOVED that.  However she was a one piece at a timer so it took FOREVER!!
Of course Mommy went through the candy that Stella got and threw the stuff that I would not allow her to eat into the hand out bowl.  And we did not stop passing out candy until it was gone.  I was NOT going to be stuck with all this candy at home.
All in all it was a successful night and we had two very cooperative kiddos.
PTL!  Ha.
Hope you all had a great Halloween!


Ashley Mitchell said...

So cute! LOVE the "nerd"

Heather said...

Hahaha...That first picture of those two...OMG. Henry just looks so kicked back with his arm resting on the couch. Love it!

sblind2 said...

both of their costumes were so so cute!!

Kacie said...

I love the skunk! Where did you get that? And of course, Henry, so laid back, loved the little nerd! :)

Cassie said...

Kathy Schilling made the skunk outfit. Angie's boys wore it a few years back. I LOVED it!

Thanks everyone!!

Jackie said...

Too stinking cute.....love the little nerd!!!

Adrien said...

Hehe, I love those costumes and Henry just cracks me up! Looks like you had a great night. :)

Anonymous said...

I seen another skunk last night but I didnt see you- I guess maybe I didnt pay attention- were you walking around Lara Voss' neighborhood?

Cassie said...

nope, wasn't us. we leave right by the lutheran church.

Anonymous said...

okay good- cause I would of thought myself as a big dummy if I totally missed you & Stella!