TBT Tuesday

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TBT Tuesday

Sorry for the lack of posts ladies (and secret gents out there).  Life is busy and kids won't sleep.  Big six week check up today and I'm not feeling too hot about my body.  So if you see me pushing the stroller around town six or seven times today, just wave and act like it's the first time, ok?  Baha.  Momma needs to lose some weight.  But in other GREAT news, I'm going to the Cards game tomorrow.  Holla for an awesome friend who works at the Four Seasons and has some hook ups!!  Alright, so that's all I got.  I hope to actually make a post you enjoy reading later tonight.  Once I stop crying from getting on the scale at the doctors office.  Pray for me.

Carful Henry and Stella, I'm this Momma.  lol.  Kidding. 
But in all honestly Mom, I kinda get it now.  Thanks for teaching me and Danielle and Lacie what matters most and for helping up become the people we are today.  I know once they are Moms too this will make complete sense to them.
Hope all of you other Mommas out there can relate.  Call your Mom today and tell her thanks!!


Meagan said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sweet Pea'

Ashley Mitchell said...

I was just complaining to Heather about my body too! Im so disgusted with myself! Ugh. I need to workout!