Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Nothing like an almost three day late weekend wrap up.  But I know your life is not complete until you know every single thing I did over the weekend.  Baha, so here you go.
Friday night, shit it was so long ago but I do remember what we did.  We were WELL overdue to have dinner with my cousin Jessi, her husband and their daughter Ali.  Stella and Ali go to the baby sitter together and they are the best of friends.  Ali's picture is also on our fridge and Stella has to remind me every.single.day that her picture is there.  In case I forgot.  She will point to her picture and sai, Ali, until I say yes baby that is Ali.  lol.  And every single pair of shoes that Ali has given Stella she remembers and when she pulls them out she will tell you that Ali gave them to her.  Ha, yeah, I think Stella is a little bit obsessed with Ali.  Anyways, we ate at Walsh Inn in Burkesville and it was awesome.  Great prices and amazing food.  We will for sure go back.  The girls noticed another boy there who goes to the same sitter and they were the entertainment for the night the place.
Saturday Josh was off to work and we enjoyed our morning walk.  I had this gorgeous couple's wedding and I was stoked!
Yeah, like ridiciously cute.  Anyways, I started getting ready about two hours before I had to leave.  Of course NO ONE wanted to take a morning nap so I needed ALL of the time I budgeted for.  Stella was even bound and determined to lose every bit of my makeup.  Good times.
Bahaha, yeah NOT happy.  She knows when I am leaving.  Like she has ESP or something.  But once she found out Aunt Lacie and Nana were coming to watch she was quick to say bye to Momma.  Which was a good thing.  Heni of course, could have cared less.  lol.  The most laid back kid ever!  Anyways, the wedding was super cute.  I mean look at this bride........GORGEOUS!
Hank Williams was the reader, and trust me, I was super close to asking him to sign my program.  Baha, kidding.  Anyways, I met my college roomie and her hubby and we shared him as our date for the wedding.  Then grabbed some cold ones and made our way back to Red Bud to get Josh.  Once we got home and let one baby sitter out the door, it was a little bit later and the next two were arriving.  We thought we would break it up, ALL day with my children, I mean I know what that's like and I don't want someone else to have to do it too.  Kidding, but no joke, its hard ass work!  So Aunt Kacie and her MIL Betty came by for the second shift.  And the four of us headed to the reception.  Josh got the award for the most fun guest.  NOT.  His booty stayed in the same chair ALL night.  He asked me to slow dance ONE time and no joke I don't even think there was 30 seconds left in the song.  So he got a huge no from this Momma.  Oh well, that didn't stop me and Kristen from busting out some Mom moves.
And I think Kristen's husband got over my boring husband REAL quick because he was out busting some serious Dad moves.  Who says parents can't have a good time?  Ha.  Oh and this other Hickey alum, ha, she was the Whitney Houston of the night.  Award for the most fun bridal party member for sure!
Sorry for the crappy phone picture.  PS Kath, I still have 'I Wanna Dance with Somebody' stuck in my head.  Love it!  The wedding was over at 11 and that was long enough for these old parents and we headed home.  Our baby sitters were happy to see us.  lol.  But our kids had a blast.  Thank you again to everyone to helped out that day, we love you guys!!
Sunday Josh was out early to hunt.  No nursing a hangover for this Momma.  Thanks Dad, you are too too kind.  Of course he came back empty handed, karma?  No......lol.  We then had a winery day planned with a bunch of friends.  Ha, I promise we (I mean I) do not have a drinking problem.  Josh said he wanted to go out and Lord I think the earth shook a bit so you bet you ass I made plans.  Of course it took him like two bars before he finally decided to have fun.  Good thing Brent was along to get the party started.  Nothing says Sunday Funday like chugging some wine.  lol.
We made our way around town and we were really looking forward to some wings from a local establishment, well, an hour and a half later and we finally got our food this Momma was over it and I asked for the wings to go and we headed home.  I hadn't got to put my babies to bed the night before and I was for sure going to do it that night.  And, well, I was just plain pissy for our food taking that long, and done drinking for the day, and done making people cry about their dogs (ha, had to sister, but I'm kidding!!).  So we headed home, thanked Josh's parents for watching the kids and flipped on Part I on the big Kardashian wedding.  Which I was so NOT impressed by.  Then called it a night.
Monday is usually our fun family day and well Josh was back out hunting again.  We hung around the house that morning and pretty much that whole day.  Nothing exciting at all.  Yeah I know, still trying to figure out why and how I didn't blog.  Oh maybe because my kids have started napping at TWO different times now and it's not cool at all.  Luckily Josh went back to work today and we were back to the same napping time.  PTL.
So that was our wild and crazy weekend, two days later.  Whoops.  Only a week and a half left of maternity leave before heading to work and I am ready for it!!  I love my babies, but I also like to work, and have adult conversations, and walk freely without a head between my legs, I could go on and on.  Ha, jk jk.  I love being a Mommy, but I love being an employee too.  We will just leave it at that.  Hope you all enjoyed the weather and had a great weekend.  Maybe someday soon we will join the rest of you and make it to the pumpkin patch or Eckerts.  Kinda jealous of all the pictures.


Lara said...

We always have the same problem at that local restaurant. Either we wait an hour for our table or two hours for our food, but we keep going back cuz it's so dang good.
I am feeling a bit like a bad mommy...Ty went to the pumpkin patch last Saturday with my mom and sister and he is going to eckerts this Saturday with Josh and Ange. This mommy can't get off work now.

Heather said...

I'll be at the pumpkin patch on Saturday...I have Gage and Avery for the night. I am going to keep them VERY busy. We are going out to the Sportmans Club to enjoy some haunted trail food after that.

Beth said...

That face you are getting as Stella scatters your make-up is killing me! Hilarious!

Adrien said...

MAN - that is a long time to wait for food! We're there almost every week after church and don't wait at all. Guess it's better at lunch time!

Don't blame you for wanting to get back to work. Somedays I'm like, "Hmm...another job wouldn't be so bad..." :)