Two Weeks and A New Wife

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two Weeks and A New Wife

Yes, I am a day late.  But we had some exciting stuff going on yesterday!  Besides Henry turning 2 weeks old, his wife Layla Ann Luke was born.  Ahhhh, yay for my bff and her beautiful new family.  So here's the low down.
Henry is officially two weeks old.  Crazy, soon it will be two months, two years, ahhhh.  Ok, snap back to reality.  No joke I am really getting the hang of things.  He (sorry Stella) is actually the best kid.  Ha, come nap time or bed time or just anytime in general Stella decides she wants to be jealous Henry is totally cool with it.  He is a true boy, eats and eats and eats.  People ask how much he is eating now and I tell them, I have no idea.  Seems as if we are always filling up his bottle.  But I would say he eats about 3 ounces every 3 hours.  And at night when it come sleeping he is down for about three and a half to four hours.  YAY!!  But all in all he is just so relaxed and laid back.  He LOVES stroller rides, PTL!!  He hated our first attempt at family pictures and well, so did Mommy, so we are trying some more on Friday.  Fingers crossed.  He has become accustomed to sitting on a princess couch.  Ha, already ok with pink.  lol.  Either that or he is just over trying to fight with sister and just gives in.  She is pretty bossy, she points to her couch and says "sit, sit."  He is also ok with the name Heni or Bud.  Most of time it's Bud.  So it seems as if I have a Bud and a Sis in my house.  Which is funny because I had a great grandma Sis and a great uncle Bud.  All in all life has been great for Heni his first two weeks into the world.  And even better now that.......
His soon to be wife Layla Ann is here!!!!!
They already have so much in common.  Born two weeks apart, they were both born during the 14th hour.  Henry at 2:15 pm, Layla at 2:06 pm.  Both in the seven pound range, Henry at 7.15 and Layla at 7.11!  A match made in heaven already.  Layla is perfect and her and Mommy are doing awesome!  I'm so proud of Kim and her adorable little family.  Can't wait to start wedding planning.  lol.


Ashley Mitchell said...

Awesome that Henry is such a good baby. Mason is too, I keep waiting for it to end so every time I say he's a good baby I add "for now" :)

Aww Layla is precious! Love the bow on the hospital benie, too cute.

Heather said...

So many babies to little time.

Nicole said...

^^^I agree with Heather!

Heather said...

Cassie I'm trying to send out House Warming Party emails and I just realized I only have your work email. Can you send me your personal one?

Cassie said...

ashley - i agree!!

heather and nicole - too funny

heather - i just emailed you.

Adrien said...

Hehe, too funny Heather!

Maybe it's the trend of the second baby, because Grace was the same way! So easy going and manageable. I'm really glad things are going so well for you! I had no doubts that they would. :)

Kim Luke said...

love our babies!!!!!!! <33