Meet This Momma - Nikki

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meet This Momma - Nikki

Meet Nikki.  We met at good ole Hickey College.  She was one of my roommates.  She has crazy mad graphic design skills.  No joke.  I look at her stuff and I'm like "whhhhatttt you did that, amazing!"  So make sure you check out her blog.  While we were at Hickey, Nikki got pregnant so she moved home.  I just remember her walding around the halls of Hickey.  And I can't believe her daughter is FIVE already.  Makes me feel old.  lol.  We were never super close, but now that we are Mommies and FB friends and bloggers we always have a something to talk about.
Name: Nicole or most call me Nikki
Age: 24
Number of Kids: 1
Names (and meanings): Zoie, means life
Age of kid(s): 5
Number of desired kids: 2-4 {I guess that really all depends on what it's like once I start having more before really deciding how many I actually want!}
Natural (epidural?) or C-Section: "Natural" with an epidural. The shit is not comfortable enough for me to want to try completely natural!
Breast, Formula, or both: Started with breast for the first few weeks then switched to formula because I couldn't keep up with going to school full time, def awkward trying to pump in your friend's dorm apartment, lol.
Cloth or Regular: Regular!
SAHM or Work (doing what?): I currently work full-time as a Graphic Designer/Accountant for a small family business in Troy, IL. BUT honestly, I really do EVERYTHING here! I swear, boss doesn't know how to do 1 thing for himself.
Something that people don’t know about you:
Your biggest parenting secret: Secret: Patience... and LOTS of it!
Show us your pregnant self before giving birth: Not many of these exist and I've made a promise to myself when it comes time to have baby #2, I will def take plenty of pictures! But I couldn't find one so here is a pic of the day Zo was born of me and her in the hospital. :) Lucky I am sending this one at all... I look like poo but I did just give birth!
A picture of your kid(s): Zoie, 5
A picture of you and your hubby/baby daddy: Hahaha, we definitely aren't together anymore and well, I really don't want to advertise pictures of me and him together... Quite honestly, I think I deleted them all! But here is a pic of me :)
The best piece of parenting advice you have ever been given: If something doesn't go the way you "planned" or how you thought it would be, don't stress over it. Everyone is different and not everything can work for everyone! Do what works for YOU.
First off, where did you get that Golden Girl shirt?  My sister is obsessed, this is a must have!!  And good for you girl, who needs that baby daddy!!  You are an awesome Mommy and Zoie is just adorable.  And yes, first start having more before you say, oh yeah five, no big deal.  Baha.  I used to say three kids for sure, ALL of the time.  Baha, tying them up after two is looking better and better every  Thanks again Nikki!!


Nicole said...

Awww Thanks Cassie! And I totally realized that I didn't fill out a question!

Something that people don't know about me: I can hypnotize chickens! lol, well I'm sure some people know.... But it's just a funny thing I like to tell people. Totally true though!

Cassie said...

WHAT! Ha, tell me more. Please blog about this. Hilarious.
Thanks again!!

Melissa:: Strong Sense of Style said...

Great write up! Love the name Zoie. <3