Meet This Momma - Lara

Friday, September 16, 2011

Meet This Momma - Lara

Meet Lara.  Every time I type or read her name I think of one time when she said, "thanks parents for spelling my name so it goes with nothing else."  And if you think about it's like oh my, she's right.  Sara, nope.  Kara, nope.  So sometimes when I type her name I say to myself Lar-a.  Ha, sorry La(u)ra, I know I'm weird.  It's ok.  But I love the spelling of your name.  I think it's perfect.  Lara is always a fun time and is always laughing!!  She gets it straight from her parents.  Oh my, I spent a week in Jamaica with them, and all I can say is they are a gooooooddddd time!!  lol.  Anyways, Lara is a Mommy to Ty (who has the cutest smile EVER) and has another baby boy on the way.  YAY!
Name: Lara Voss
Age: 24
Number of Kids: 1 boy and 1 boy on the way.
Names (and meanings): Ty Joshua and I am not sure what it means. Our baby boy has a name but only a few people know it.
Age of kids: 2
Number of desired kids: I want to see what life is like with 2 and then we can decide if 3 can be done.
Natural (epidural?) or C-Section: Natural and of course I got the epidural. Why wouldn't you?
Breast, Formula, or both: Never really "breastfeed" but pumped for 2 months and then formula.
Cloth or Regular: Regular. Shakin' the poop in the toilet is not for me.
SAHM or Work (doing what?): I work at The Healthy Hair Co., doing hair. But I try to be home as much as possible. Ty only goes to daycare 3 days a week. I want him with us more than other people.
Something that people don’t know about you: I have tons of gray hair! I have had it since 7th grade and I am planning on coloring it for the rest of my life!
Your biggest parenting secret: No secrets here.
Show us your pregnant self before giving birth: 28 weeks pregnant this time.
A picture of your kid(s):
A picture of you and your hubby/baby daddy:
The best piece of parenting advice you have ever been given: Don't stress it. Everything is much more difficult when you're stressed.
Did you check out Ty's smile?  Seriously, cute cute.  You look at it and can't help yourself but smile too.  Love it!  And I TOTALLY did not know that you had grey hairs.  Promise I won't stare at you if I am ever behind you secretly searching for them.  lol.  I mean who would do that?  Not me.  And yes, DO NOT stress, baby can tell when you are and it just makes everything 100 times worse.  Thanks again Lara!!


Adrien said...

Baha, I won't be "shakin the poop" any time soon, either. :D

Lara is such a beautiful mama! And Ty is adorable!

Lara said...

Thanks for not adding any of those lovely pics you have of my parents from Jamaica...I think I might have thrown up.

Thanks Adrien!