Confession Friday

Friday, September 16, 2011

Confession Friday

It's been a longggggg morning.  Ouchie, Momma's heads kinda hurting today.  Daddy has to work ALL weekend long so I thought in order to stay sane I would go out for a bit last night.  Two pitchers of margs, this crazy girl and some beers later.......
Ha, anyways, on to the confessions.

I confess that sometimes I love getting together with new people and realizing how much we are all alike and that I'm not the only one who thinks a certain way about things.  YAY!

I confess that I have a follower who can't make up their mind.  One day I have 67 followers, the next 66, then 67.  It's driving me batty.  Who are you mysterious follower?!?!

I confess that Monday is my wedding anniversary and I haven't gotten anything for Josh yet.  Whoops.  2nd year modern gift is paper, so a card counts, right?  lol.

I confess that this just makes me laugh.  Poor Heni.  Poor poor Heni......
Ha, from the baby doll, to his crazy sister, to his total old man face he makes.  Love you Hen.

I confess, this is normal life for me now a days.  You would think we were having company or something.  Ha, pick a seat, any seat.  lol.

I confess that I really should be getting ready for family pictures tonight since both kids are finally sleeping, but this recliner feels REALLY good.

I confess that we totally had a Lady Gaga dance party the other day.  Ahhh and from that day since we turn off the TV around 1:00 and just listen to music and dance and be silly.  I LOVE it!!

I confess that I just learned the smartest thing ever.  Fork goes on the left because it has four letters like the word left and knife and spoon go on the right because it has five letters like the word right.  Genius right?!?!

Ok, these are lame.  Sorry.  Have a good weekend.  Stay away rain for the parade on Sunday.  It may be my only chance to get out and socialize with friends since the husband is working all weekend and has decided to be a big ball of no fun.  Boo.


Ashley Mitchell said...

That picture with Stella and Henry, pricless!! He is like her very own real baby doll. :)

Jackie said...

OMG...The picture of Erin....I can only what was going on!

That is so cute of Stella and Henry...I am sure that will be me in a few years...if we decided to have another baby!

Lara said...

That's a great look for Stella! Everyone should try a nice shampoo spike now and then.
I can't believe you have both kids sleeping that the same time. I'll be calling you in about a month asking how you do it!