Four Kids, Way to Go Babies!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Four Kids, Way to Go Babies!!

Yesterday was the first day I got together with my bff since she had her new sweet baby girl Layla.
Her hubby went back to work and it was her first day, just her and the kiddos.
So to offer some moral support we headed to their house.
It was just her and I AND all four babies.
Yes, they are STILL all babies to us.
And no joke, it went great.
Mind you we were just at Kim's house but I just expected chaos.
Landon and Stella both LOVE the word "mine."
But not at all.
It was as if they had both just grown up.  Either that or they were just trying to impress their siblings.
Ok, we did have the occasional meltdown
Like which big kid got to throw away the stinky diaper.
And Stella wanting to take off her pants, right when we got there.
Hussie.  lol.  Jk.
And Stella finally learned her lesson of playing on their steps and fell down a few.  She's fine, promise.
And Landon almost hit a few people in their head with some plastic golf clubs.
And Stella obsessing over every single car that Landon owns.
And Landon wanting to drive whatever car Stella wanted to drive.
And Landon asking if Josh was at work 239283592 times.
Or both kids pretending like they were blind people and laughing their butts off.
Or both kids walking around pretend talking on cell phones like they were 15.
Ok, so we did have SOME chaos.  But it was perfect!
They both had the occasional stop and go kiss my little brother or sister thought.
They both were quick to go and grab Mommy a diaper, or wipe or give brother or sister their blankie.
They both just played so well and let their Mommys sit back and relax and think......
"Ahhh, we must have done something right."
So here's to you Landon and Stella.  On being an awesome Big Brother and Big Sister.  You make your mommys so very proud.  Keep it up.  We love you so much!!
<3 <3 <3


Ashley Mitchell said...

Don't feel bad about Stella and the no pants thing. Zack did that until he was three!
Good Job to the "babies" for being such good big brothers and sisters. :) Too cute!

Heather said...

Hahaha...looks like a fun day!

Anonymous said...

aww yay "big" kids for playing so good and helping mommies!!!

Kim Luke said...

Hormones must be running wild today. bawled me eyes out reading this!
Love our "babies" and our babies!!

Adrien said...

Aww, didn't see this yesterday! Too cute!!