A Very Late and Short Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Very Late and Short Weekend Wrap Up

Ok, so karma might be kicking in.  I said things were 'so easy' and 'wow I really have the hang of this'......and then Josh worked 8 straight days and I almost lost it.  So that's the excitement of the weekend.  Josh worked a lot and I had one child who I literally felt like she wanted to reinsert herself into the hole she came out of, and another child who wanted to eat all.day.long.  I am half tempted to get one of those beer helmets for him and just fill it with formula.  No joke.  PTL I'm not still pumping or breastfeeding, my nips would be raw.  I don't know how he isn't 20 pounds.  No joke.  And he only poops once a day.  And lord all mighty it is hell until he poops.  Poor guy.  But once it's out, he's like normal baby again.  PTL.
Yeah this was my Sunday.  See what I mean about trying to reinsert herself?  Lord it was a long long day.
So that's my boring life.  And to top it off my husband doesn't want to leave the house, like EVER because he is tired from working, so yeah, Momma may, just may go crazy soon.  But hey, I'm pulling off the whole haven't brushed my hair or teeth yet today, smell like vomit, pony tail look like a pro.  At least I think I am......  Hope everything is going great for everyone else.  I have no more Meet This Momma's so I hope you all enjoyed them.  Bare with me if I don't post for a day or it's a late post.  Ok?  Thanks.  Peace.


Heather said...

Awww dude. You need a break. Feel free to bring those babies by the house any time you want to. We can hang out, you can get some grown up time in, and I can get some baby time in. :)

Ashley Mitchell said...

Just keep telling yourself, It'll get better, It'll get better. That's what I do when it's gettin tough.

Anonymous said...

I know Megan & Stella don't know eachother but if you ever need a break I am sure they would play wonderful together. Stella reminds me so much of Megan. Seriously.....I mean that!

Cassie said...

Thank you all.
Ashley - very true. I do need to keep telling myself that. Much easier said than done sometimes though.

Angie - awesome. may have to do that, thanks!!

Myssie said...

I feel your pain. My hubby has been on travel for business the last two weeks. He came home over the weekend long enough to screw up my schedule and then he was gone again. I hope that things are going better. Is Henry sleeping well during the night? Charlotte sleeps like crap. Joy. :0)