Today is the Day!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today is the Day!!

I'm sure you all thought, omg LABOR!! 
Ha, I wish. 
Kinda, well not really, STILL hoping for that September 2nd baby. 
But today is the day that I will officially be an Aunt!! 
Tenley Brooke should be here ANYTIME today!! 
Her Momma was called in at midnight last night to start her induction.  Poor girl probably got ZERO sleep.  But we texted a bit this morning and she is feeling great.  Still haven't broken her water as of this morning.  Ha, I might want to see how well she is feeling AFTER that happens.  Because that's a whole new world of pain once you reach that point.  So everyone say a prayer for Momma and soon to be baby girl, and of course Dad too. 
I can't wait to meet her!!
However, totally bumming that Stella can't meet her until they are home from the hospital. 
Super bummed actually.
I envisioned this cute cute picture of Stella holding her baby cousin for the first time, ahhh, it was going to be precious.  But no. 
Damn IL and their hospital rules. 
Oh well, we have some awesome baby sitters lined up for her this evening and I know she will be in good hands!!  And I can't wait to take her to meet her hopefully this weekend.
And since I am crazy anti belly pictures (I am weird like that), I thought I would give you all a treat today. 
A bump picture. 
Whhhatttt - I know I know, I swear I have only had ONE cup of coffee today. 
Baha, kidding.  So here you go:
Ignore the mirror that doesn't match the room.
The fact that my bed isn't made.
My hair that I don't even think a brush had gone through yet. 
And the lack of make up.
PTL the top of this picture is pretty dark.  Cuz it.ain't.cute.  Ha. 
So there she blows.  All 37 weeks and 6 days of me.  38 tomorrow!! 
Went to the doctor on Tuesday and I actually LOST 2 pounds.  PTL.  Four pounds away from the weight I was the day I had Stella.  And I'm 2 cm and 100% thinned.  YIKES!  Kinda freaking cuz doc is on vacation until Sunday AND Saturday is a full moon. 
Dun, dun duunnnnnn. 
Ha, no worries.  I don't think baby is coming out anytime soon.


Heather said...

Damn girl...that kid is hanging a little low there. I don't think you have a prayer of making it to September unless you tie your knees together.

Cassie said...

baha - now you know what i mean when i say HOLY PRESSURE. he has been low low low for awhile.

and i'm going to pretend like i didn't raed that about septmeber, ok? lol.

Heather said...

Pretend all you want homie...Just remember, knees together!!

Adrien said...

What a cute name! You should make sure she knows to get the epidural BEFORE they break her water, haha.

And yeah, you're carrying like you could go any day! Bake a little longer, Henry!

Beth said...

You're carrying so low! It may be closer than you think :)

Kim Luke said...

I think you look super low too, but you have for a couple weeks. I definitely don't think you're going to make It til September. As much as I'd love for our kids to be in the same class together, I just don't see it happening! Lol especially since you're already at 2cm & 100%.
Ps. Can your damn flash get any brighter??? Geesh!! Lol

Jackie said...

When I had Loreli I had friends kids come in and hold...I didn't think anything of it and then when Kortney had Carson...she warned everybody not to bring kids and well I thought it was the weirdest thing...ha didn't know it was an IL thing!

Julia said...

YAY for being an aunt!! That is so exciting! Tell momma and dad we are sending well wishes their way!! And...sorry, but I am gonna have to agree that I don't think you will make it to September either:/ Maybe you/he will prove us all wrong!!

Anonymous said...

Im commenting a day late, but thats ok!! So is Tenley here??? How is momma and baby?

LOVE the baby bump picture! I kind of love baby bumps so you might see a whole bunch of those pictures when Im prego. hahah I might have a different outlook on it when its my belly!

Im going to search your blog for an updated bedroom picture, but what color is the furniture in your room? I have that exact same mirror just in a different color. Yes, Im just noticing that. :)