Confession Friday

Friday, August 12, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that the shirt I am wearing today, honestly, I think I already wore once this week.  To work.  Bahaha.  Horrible I know.  I didn't think anything about it this morning when I was getting dressed and then driving to work I was like omg, I think I wore this on Tuesday.  Whoops, let's hope no one notices......
I confess that I keep tracking my bff's birthday present like a mad woman today.  I am so nervous.  Someone HAS to be there when it's delivered and I just have this fear that it will be sitting on the front steps just ruining.  Ahhhhhh!!  I know it will be in good hands, I am just a worry wart like that.

I confess that Stella is obsessed with Flintstone Vitamins.  Which is awesome, right?  Well, not when they cost like $8 a bottle and she thinks she needs to eat about five every time.  So we have tricked her and thrown in some fruit snacks.  Going on about day four and she hasn't figured it out yet.  Bahahaha, evil parents.  lol.

I confess that I wanted to leave a hate message on my front door for my mailman.  He knocked over one of our potted plants by the front door.  Shattered the pot and the plants look like smashed weeds.  Ugh.  I was livid.  Damn you mail man, I really did like you.  But fair warning, my maternity leave will be starting soon and I will be on SERIOUS potted plant watch.  No joke.

I confess that my sister is only the third person to ever drive Stella anywhere and it happened last night.  Ha, 18 months later.  And I think we were both nervous.  But she did good.  Stella went to WalMart with Aunt Lacie and Not Uncle Phil.  I warned Lacie that Stella is in that oh so fun, "I don't wana sit in the cart" stage.  And guess what the little stink but did?  Sat in the car the whole time!!  I get this picture on my phone while they were there:
Being such a good little girl.  Ha, little child of mine, why is it that you know how to work your parents so well?!?!

I confess that this:
makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.  NOT your best look baby, but oh so funny!!  LOL!!

Ok and not a confession but Happy 24th Birthday to my BFF Kim today!!  I less than three you!!


Kacie said...

She cracked me up yesterday! I have four or five pictures of our fun afternoon!!
I'm so glad the driving went well :)

Anonymous said...

We have Car vitamins for Logan at our house and there is actually coupons for any Disney vitamin all the time. That is the only reason I bought them (hes not my child I shouldnt have to give him vitamins!) But they are gummy and he loves them too. He thinks they are medicine so he always says uhh Katie I don't feel good I think I need some more of those Cars medicine. hahah No you don't buddy!

hahaha love the bed rail picture!! She will love you someday for that picture.

I confess that I am at home today and just woke up. I would probably still be sleeping if it wasnt for the damn trash truck!!

Adrien said...

I confess that sippy cups don't look like they hold much until they slip from your hands and explode all over the kitchen floor. Ugh, ugh, ugh!

Meagan said...

Ha!!! Love the smashed face look!!

Keegan is obsessed with the flinestone gummies too!

I confess that I've been thinking about what to eat for lunch for an hour now......

Kim Luke said...

I confess my boss was sitting here watching me shop on and spend my giftcard. and 5 minutes later while I was checking out, the website was blocked. WTF.

Landon loves the Flintstones vitamins too! Don't try to buy the Target brand, because they apparently suck. Landon won't eat them!
We also do the fruit snack trick!! :)