Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

First off can I get a PTL for this weather!!!  Ah-mazing.  I almost want to turn my AC off.  No joke.  But then again I remind myself that I'm lugging around an extra 30 pounds and so I quickly lose my train of though.  lol.  But it was a great weekend and the weather kept everyone in a good mood!  YAY!
Friday night was Blogger Bunco and the big surprise for my bffs birthday!!  Stella had a serious suspension that Mommy was getting ready to leave so she was in total, "I have to be right by you at all times" mode.  So too keep her content while I tried on 85 outfits (because I swear NOTHING fits anymore) she played with my makeup.
She was happy and content.  Until I started smelling chap stick, noticing streaks on her cheeks and seeing marks on her face.  Ha, I think she ate a nice chunk of chapstick and dug a good hole into from eye shadow.  Oh well, it's all replaceable.  Kim and Kendra met me at my house and of course we were fashionably late to Bunco.  Whoops!!  So on to Bunco.  Oh.em.gee, SO much fun!!  I am ready to play again.  Hopefully next time with a few drinks!  Oh yeah and the surprise?!
A dozen assorted DC CUPCAKES!!!!  Kim's FAVORITE show on TLC.  She is kinda, ridiciously obsessed.  And she LOVED them.  YAY!  Success.  Thanks again Sarah for helping out with the surprise and for all of the goodies at Bunco on Friday!!
Saturday, well, Saturday Stella was up at 6:10 a.m.  Yep, lucky us!  Ha, she hung out in bed with us for awhile while we prayed she would rest her peepers for a bit but it wasn't happening.  And by golly Daddy said, "Let's let Mommy sleep for a bit."  Ummm, yes, I know, I almost had a heart attack myself.  Well, Stella let that fly until about 7:00 and then she declared that it was time for Mommy to get up.  We made some breakfast, enjoyed a nice morning walk and ran some errands.  Oh and I got my hair cut.  SHORT!!  Like can't even put it in a pony.  And I LOVE it!!  Later that evening Kacie and Brent came over and we headed to BWW to help induce labor.  Ha.  You know, spicy foods sometimes do that.  But nothing happen.  Boo.  Oh well, we still had a fun time there with them, and then of course we had to make a trip to Target AND a stop at the ice cream place in Smithton.  PS - does that place even have a name?  And if so, what is it?  Oh and we FINALLY picked up a mirror to hang above our newly rearranged living room.
It's one of those $5 door mirrors.  Kacie suggested getting an Uppercase Living saying to put on it.  Anyone have any ideas?!?!  Or any spare Uppercase Living sayings they want to sell?  Let me know!!
Sunday Josh got up early to go squirrel hunting.  And boy oh boy was he a sucka!!  Ha, he was up and gone by 6:00.  And guess what - Stella slept until 9:30!!!!  Yes I know, I went in TWICE to make sure she was still breathing.  I can't even begin to explain how amazing I felt.  Ahhh, thank you baby girl, thank you!  The only plans we had on our agenda for the day were to take Stella to meet her new baby cousin Tenley.  I prepared some of the Ravioli Bake for the new parents and said a silent prayer that Stella would do well and off we went.  When we got there, she was totally cool with me holding the baby.  Step 1, success, yay!  She was on the couch between all of us and Dad got out the camera.  And what do you think little miss thought?  Oh, Photo Shoot time?!?!
Bahaha - cheese ball.
But then I asked her if she wanted to sit down and hold the baby.  She sat right now, put her arms in the lap and let me lay Tenley right in her arms.  Ahhhh - yay!!
She just kept looking at her and smiling!!  It was adorable.  Of course her attention span with her wasn't long, but that was totally fine.  She didn't freak, didn't try to push her away or anything.  Way to go Stella!!  Once Stella started throwing a few fits, screaming and crying (aka needing a nap like something fierce) we decided to pack up and head home.  Once we got home we played outside pantless for awhile. 
Ha, ok, just Stella did.  Not sure how the neighbors would like that if Josh and I did too.  Lol.  Kidding.  And here is where I need some advice.  Disciplining.  I'm sure she listens to her baby sitter but why would we listen to Mom and Dad.  I mean Mom and Dad saying "no" is like stomping on her feelings or something.  Oh em gee.  We tell her no, she squats down and just starts crying and crying.  Of course it's fake.  Especially when I ask her to show me her tears and she points to her eyes.  Baha.  Goofy kid.  I don't know if she would understand the whole "time out" thing yet, but I am pretty much over the drama queen scenes when someone tells her no.  So please, any suggestions!!
Other than that it was an awesome weekend!!  Baby is feeling low low low today so I am wrapping up as much as I possibly can at work JUST in case anything happens.  Have a good week!!


Nicole said...

How cute is Stella! She will be such a good big sister...

My suggestion about the crying? You def want to nip it in the butt now but just ignore her. That's really it. They do it to get attention (and of course we are suckers for it) but eventually she will understand that crying isn't the way to get what you want. Although girls are VERY emotional creatures and I still have a hard time getting that throw Zoie's head... But it will work. No giving in to whining! The only time I tell Zo if it's okay for her to cry is when she hurt herself, like falling or stubbing a toe. And that's it!

Tough love! It's hard but it's gotta be done or we'll have some DRAMA filled teenage years!

Nicole said...

through Zoie's head** geez. If only I could type today.

Meagan said...

I was thinking about turning the air off today but decided against it because of the same exact reason!

Your hair looks super cute!! I wondered about you & Henry all weekend & if he decided to make his appearance or not!

My advice with the fits....ignore it. She will stop so much faster when she realizes that you aren't paying attention to her!

Heather said...

Love your hair!!! And I wouldn't be able to be too tough with that little baby face either.

Anonymous said...

Love your hair!! I read that you got it short then I thought I was going to have to wait until later this week to see it. You are definitely one of the lucky people (that I dont like....kidding!!!) that can pull off anything.

Yay Stella!! She is going to love baby Henry!

Cassie said...

Thanks ladies!!

Ugh, tough love. How did I know you guys were going to say this. So much easier said than done. But I know I need to crack down. Especially with her and I home together ALL maternity leave long!!

Laura@everydayeasy said...

When I tell Kayla no, she smiles and goes right back to whawt she was doing. :( She thinks "mean mommy" is a game we play.

Adrien said...

We're reading a great book on discipline right now. "How to Have a New Kid by Friday" or something like that, haha. Swear it's good. :) Anyway, Evie isn't a bad kid, but she does think she can get away with anything and she thinks when we get on to her it's hilarious.

Firm but fair is a good way to sum up our discipline with Evie. And consistency, which I admit I'm bad at. I give too many warnings instead of just taking care of it.

Abbey said...

I have a $5.00 mirror with an Uppercase Living "Welcome Friends" on it! I think you can even special order names, phrases etc. online! Super easy super cute!

Lara said...

Just an FYI... I picked out an uppercase living design and went to total eclispe to have them make it. I measured out the exact size I needed, got to pick out the color I wanted, got to bring it home that day and it was cheaper!

Cassie said...

Abbey - Kacie told me about the idea at your house and I was like perfect. So yes, I am being a copy cat. lol. But I just loved the idea.

Lara - AWESOME. Might have to check them out. Thanks for the tip!

Jackie said...

tough love is right....Loreli just started throwing fit. She gets down and either lays on her tummy or back and puts on a show. We both just tell her we are not listen to it and walk away from her and she gets up right away and stops. She just wants the attention. Good Luck..it was hard at first but not I know just to just walk away from her.

If you

Jackie said...

If you need help with the total eclispe stuff let me know....Eli is always down there working on stuff for the jeep and can get it done for you!