Bling Your Blog

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bling Your Blog

That's right.  Time to make it all fancy.  Ha, ok totally kidding.  I am NOT the blingy blangy in your face type of gal.  My style is contemporary with my own little twist.  Aka, I think I can pull off just about anything.  Sometimes, I wish my husband or my sisters would straight up tell me, "Girl, that ain't cute."  But that's for a different post. 
Anyways, I have a TON of friends (because I am so popular like that, baha, jk) who have started new blogs.  So that means, questions questions questions.  But trust me ladies, it took a LONG time for me to get my first follower.  And if you go ALL the way back to the beginning I had some pretty ridiculous posts.  Boring, boring, boring.  So do not by any means think I am a pro.  Far from it. 
But I do kind of admire this girl (even those I have no idea who she is, I just follow her).  I really enjoy reading her blog.  Mostly because she is just real.  And that's what it's all about, being real. 
Be who you are and say what you fell because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. 
I think of that every time I write a post.  Because trust me I know ONE TOO MANY persons out there who read my blog, call up their people, bitch and complain and then before you know it oh em gee all hell has broken loose.  Ha, oh the joys of small town living.  But whatev, it's my life.  It's what I did, it's how I feel and it's what I want to say.  No one is MAKING you read this blog, you chose to.
Woah, off that soap box and on to blingy your blog.
So check out what tips Erin has in store for you!!
Blogging Lesson #2 is a must do.
Ahhh, you have no idea how much happier I am because of it.  I hate scrolling all the way down to read, then clicking comment, then having to wait for the page to load again and finally, comment.  This is just click, pop, comment, done.
That's what I like quick and easy, just like childbirth.  Baha, kidding.
Blogging Lesson #6 cracks me up. 
No joke.  Only because I got to experience the rude comment first hand.  I think my jaw literally hit my desk when I was called stuck up on my OWN blog.  Baha, there is a special place in this world for haters.  However, this blog isn't one of them.  So please, be kind to other bloggers.
Blogging Lesson #9 - sing praises!!
Probably the most frequently asked question I get.  So now, please, create away!!!

Oh and so my friends that you need to check out:

And since I am going to try to never post without a picture, here's all I got.  My kid sucking on her toes on our way home from the sitters yesterday.
Keep it classy girl.  Love ya!


Meagan said...

I had no idea about the comment box thing...BEST idea ever!!! I can comment from my computer again!!

Erin said...

How sweet are you?!?! Thank you so much for posting this on your blog-I am glad you enjoyed my post today and took something from it. I can't wait to keep reading what you have to are hilarious girl =) I love readers like you!

Have an awesome week!


Nicole said...

Haha, Stella is the cutest!

Heather said...

I wasn't sure about the comment box. I thought about doing it but then I'm all "WTF...another screen" when I get any sort of pop up so I never did it. I'll have to start doing this I guess since you called it out on your blog. Thanks Caffie.

Adrien said...

Boo, I hate the comment box. :D I'm holding out for as long as possible! I like to be able to see the post I'm commenting on in case I forget something, haha.

Ashley Mitchell said...

Im lovin this comment box!!! Quick and easy. :)