Etiquette for a Lady

Friday, July 29, 2011

Etiquette for a Lady

So lately I am kinda of ridiciously obsessed with Pinterest.  Like no joke.  It's bad.  And depending on the mood I am in that day God only knows the crazy stuff I will pin.  But today I came across some sayings and I was like pin, pin, pin, pin pinpinpinpinpinpinpin (yeah that kinda sums up my obsession with the damn site).  But then I was like wait, let me just check out this person's tumblr.  Which by the way, tumblr is WAY cooler than blogger and I get super jealous of it really easily.  But I don't know how to "follow" tumblr sites and no way in hell am I signing up ANOTHER e-mail address and password that I will forget in like a week.  PS I keep all of my passwords under my keyboard at work.  Ha, REAL secretive.  And the IT guy says I have the easiest login password ever.  Ha, so please don't even try to hack into my shit.  Unless your my bff, well, then we just automatically give each other our passwords.  So we can creep and do weird stuff like that.
Anyways, so here is my new FAVORITE tumblr site:  Etiquette for a Lady.  And here are some sayings that spoke RIGHT to home for me.  Especially lately.....

And then there were a few that just made me laugh out loud......
bahaha - AMEN!
Hope you found some that hit home for you too.  If not, maybe it was a refresher for some.  It never hurts to read a little truth now and then.  Have a good weekend!!


Heather said...

I love #56. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Okay seriously, why did you have to mention this site Pinterest. This has to be the cutest site ever with a million different ideas and I am going to be glued! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Katie said...

Love it! Those last 2 are so true!