Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday ladies (and secret gents who read this blog, ha, I know you are out there!!).  Honestly, it's one of those mornings where you don't talk to me until I talk to you first.  I am just whooped.  My body is over it.  Ya hear that baby boy, over it!  Oh well, we will see tomorrow if he's making any progress.  Until then I will toss and turn and pee every hour and try my best to "deal" with getting heartburn from every.single piece of food I put in my mouth.  Ha, speaking of food, PLEASE don't judge me.  We ate out for just about every meal this weekend, whoops!  So without further ado.....
Friday night Josh sold his work car after work.  YAY!  Down to two vehicles.  Can I get a PTL!!  So of course we celebrated with some dinner at Tequila's and a trip to Rural King.  Baha, wild bunch.  Ahhh, how I can't wait until those dinners at Tequila's are filled with margs again.  Ahhhhhh.  We quickly found out that Stella LOVES her some Rural King.  Of course, who doesn't love the free popcorn.  But what she quickly fell in love with was the toys you can ride on.  Ha, the Radio Flyer's, Caterpillar trucks, John Deers, you name it.  She also loved this little bike:
So guess who got to be the "fun" parents who had to carry a kicking and screaming baby out of Rural King.  Yep, us.  Ha, she was not one bit happy that we made her leave.  I think we even got the silent treatment the whole way home.
Saturday morning, no joke, Stella was up at 6:15!!!!!!!!!  Yes, 6:15 in.the.morning.  God, WHY!  Are you really preparing me for the birth of my second baby or did I just royally piss you off?  I don't get it.  I am half tempted to put tinfoil on the girl's windows so she thinks it's dark and sleeps until like 10:00.  Redneck or not, Momma needs her SLEEP!!!  But we were all up.  We gave it until 7:00 and we called my Dad to see if he wanted to go out to CK for breakfast, since there was only two days left of his "birthday month."  lol.  So him and Pam met us there.  Once we got back Stella and I thought it wouldn't be too bad for a morning walk.  WRONG.  Of course Stella zonked out about 20 minutes into the walk and once we walked back in the driveway she was wide awake.  Ugh, so close to an early morning nap.  Damn!  jk.  We then all got cleaned up and ready to go to Ali's 3rd birthday party.  Oh em gee, Stella had a BLAST!!  She was the youngest kid there but man oh man she played with all the other kids like they were just her size.  They had a small pool blown up in the backyard, which of course my kid wouldn't get in and enjoy, but she stood right next to the pool and splashed and laughed and laughed.  Nothing can make your day like hearing your little baby giggle from the bottle of her belly.  :)  Too cute.  We all enjoyed ourselves but had to pack up to head to Rocher for the picnic.  Gpa Steibel always buys meal tickets for the family and nothing is better than some picnic food.  A nice long nap from Waterloo to Rocher was good, but we still had our hands full in church.  Our insurance lady sat behind us and I'm pretty sure she thinks a phone call to her is in the near future.  An increase in our life insurance policy or quite possibly, our daughters policy because Lordy do we have our hands full.  Ha, just kidding!!  After church we headed to go eat.  Stella was doing great until she was done and over it and wanted to run.  Which doesn't really go hand in hand at a picnic dining hall.  Mommy got to enjoy about half of her food and then was over it.  We headed outside.  Which quickly turned into a walk to the car and we were headed home.  I truly believe the terrible twos start at 18 months. 
Who me?  Being terrible, no way.......
Once we got home I don't even know what we did, I was worn out and I think we all were sleeping by 9 p.m.
Sunday morning Aunt Danielle and Non Uncle Tate were heading to town to celebrate my Dad's birthday.  Stella of course was up at 7 a.m.  I begged Daddy to let me sleep until 7:30, but really only made it until about 7:20 when Stella was just over the thought of Mommy laying in bed.  We, believe it or not, ate a meal at home ha, and then Josh was off to go tour his new place of employment.  Once Danielle and Tate got in town we called Dad and he suggested we meet him for some brunch at Tequilas.  Ok, so I was a Tequila's brunch virgin and OH EM GEE, soooooooo good.  Did not disappoint one bit.  After brunch Kacie met us at the house so she could watch Stella while we joined Dad for a few pulls on the slots at the casino.  Ha, yes, us Steibel's LOVE to gamble.  It's injected into our blood at an early age by my Gma who teaches us to play 500 Rummy.  Ha, even if you can't hold all of the cards.  Don't worry we have those handy card holders for you.  Anyways, we met Gma and Gpa up there and believe it or not, the first $20 I stuck into a penny slot, lights, flashes, noise, and $476 later this Momma was ONE happy lady.  PTL, this was TOTALLY his way of saying sorry for Stella being up at 6:15 the other morning.  I just know it.  lol.  We hung out there for a bit and headed home.  Of course that money was burning a hole in my pocket and well, so was the thought of some trash wings from Marys.  So we decided on dinner there and called it a successful weekend!!
Hope you all had a great weekend.  YAY for rain.  No joke, it made me happy to see it.


Abbey said...

Hey I will confess the Miles' clan are hoosier-rific ... definitely have aluminum foil on the windows in the twins nursery! But whatever will get me a few more hours of sleep I'm down for!!

Adrien said...

I don't blame you one bit for eating out so much! If I could, I would. I may be letting June Cleaver down, but cooking is NOT my favorite thing to do. Haha, Stella is so cute on the potty!

Cassie said...

Abbey - you just made my freaking day!! yes. thank you!! i needed someone to admit that they do it too. ha, looks like i might be stopping at DG tonight to get some tin foil!!

Adrien - ha, my excuse has been it's too hot to cook and that as soon as we have two babies we won't eat out this much. ha, so i'm soaking it up these last 20 something days.

Nicole said...

Stella is the cutest!

And if Zoie wasn't really good at sleeping in now, I would totally put foil on her windows too! :)

Heather said...

OMG...I have no luck at the casino. I went twice...lost $50 of my own money the first time I was there in about 30 seconds, lost $100 of someone elses money the second time I was there in about 5 minutes, and after that I was OVER IT.