Wall Gallery

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wall Gallery

I know, I know, you have heard this before but this time I REALLY mean it.  Stella's room is like thisclose to being done.  No joke.  Like she could have slept in there last night.  Expect for we don't have bed rails yet and she, hands down, would have fallen out and then I would have gotten no sleep and it would have just been bad.  Like even worse than the mini meltdown I had with three pairs of maternity pants this morning before work.  But that's a different story.  But no joke; toys are all moved in, bookshelves are being filled, dresser is organized and full, bed is made, just filling the walls with some fun stuff.  And speaking of "stuff" I am trying out my decorating thumb (not sure if that's a real thing or not) and winging together my first "Wall Gallery".  Because everyone has one and they are so 'all the rage' right?  At least in blog world.  Anyways.  You may laugh and think it looks like I just asked Stella to put some random frames together.  And yes, that could be true.  But that's for me to know and for you to well, never know.  So here's what I had last night.....
Yes I know, it's on the floor.  We have to visual here people.

I asked Josh last night what he thought of it and he said, it's hard to tell with it being on the floor.  No shit Sherlock.  And then I told him to skedaddle.  So anyways, here's my thoughts.  Yes I know it's a mixture of some brown and black frames.  But oh well.  The maroon/wheat colored country sign thing is being painted that pink sample color that's on it.  It matches a few other accents in her room.  And then I am going to take my ultrasound pictures of Stella and put them in there kinda like a photo strip you get from one of those overly priced things at the mall.  Make sense?  Great.  And in the blank frame I have made this cute little saying in Microsoft that says, 'Loving you is easy cause you're beautiful" in pink font.  Just trying to draw out the cute pink accents of the room, since the walls are white.  So what are you thoughts? 
Look too much like a shrine of my kid? 
Too small, too big? 
Weird size? 
Should I make it more landscape instead of portrait size? 
Maybe a piece of her art from daycare/the sitter (which could be worth millions some day, ha, kidding).
Like I said, my decorating thumb isn't green what.so.ever.  The big room reveal will be soon.  I promise.  And then we have 8 weeks or so to start and finish Henry's room (PTL that's mostly just paint).  Bahaha.  Like I said, I love cutting it down to the wire.  So lay it on me, I need some feedback here ladies.  Thanks!


Kacie said...

I really like it! You could also put a framed piece of her artwork somewhere else in the room! I think that is a cute idea!

Heather Rahn said...

I love it! And if you can't have a shrine of your kid, who can you have a shrine of? I'm going to make a wall gallery of all my dogs...yeah, I'm going to be THAT person. Might even stitch them on a pillow or three.

Meagan said...

I think it looks awesome...even on the floor!! Lol I really like your idea for the ultrasound pictures ( don't be surprised if I steal that idea!)

Julia said...

I think that is adorable!! I agree with Kacie about hanging some of her art somewhere else in the room. Maybe pick one that is mostly pink or you could have her make something new. Like print our her name on the computer in a really pretty/fun font, make it pink, and then have her paint around it or something. And then you could frame it for when she is famous;) haha I can't wait to see the finished product!!!

sblind2 said...

I love the wall gallery!!! I really like the different frames and colors! I have one in our living room and in Brody's room....Matt makes fun of them-he says its a wall of Brody (which is true, but who cares)

Crystal L said...

I love this! I really like the idea for the ultrasound pictures!