Confession Friday

Friday, June 24, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that I just about rear ended some crazy chick in front of me on my way to work today who was driving so slow because she was brushing her hair.  I swear for every bit of 15 miles!!  I only wanted to do it because I wanted to see her hit herself in the head with the damn brush, because if that didn't happen I was pretty close to getting out of my car at the next stop light and shoving it up her @$$!

I confess that I would have stopped for a $1 Dr. Pepper at McDonald's (and I'm sure that would have helped control my anger) but I didn't have ANY cash and I refuse to pay for a $1 and 10 cent drink with my debt card.

I confess that I wish my husband liked parades and picnics more.  I mean sometimes you can just suck it up for your wife and kid, right?!  I mean who wants to go to the picnic by themselves, 31 weeks pregnant?!  Not this girl.

I confess that Daddy's - UGH!  When do they get it?!?!!?!?!!!!!

I confess that I painted my nails with this polish last night.....
and I totally feel like a hand model now.  No joke, it's like the SAME color they paint their nails.  Bahaha.

I confess that I think I know where these 173 pounds have gone so far.  Yep, I said the number.  Ugh, so you can do the math for the rest.  But I think it's straight up in my knockers.  I was pretty close to just taking my bra off completely the other day at work.  I swear they doubled in size in just one day.  Ahhhh!!  Is it REALLY worth it to buy new bras for these last 9 weeks?  Sports bras will do, right?!

I confess that my huge "jugs" are reasons why I don't breastfeed.  Can you say suffocation?!!? 

I confess that I like to read the North County News without Stella's help or interruptions.  Therefore I didn't get to read last weeks paper until Tuesday, and well, just got this weeks in the mail yesterday.  Let's see how long it takes to get to read this one.

That's it folks.  Looks like the weather is going to be amazing for this weekend!  YAY!  Maybe I'll see a few of you at the parade on Sunday.  Don't mind me if I'm alone with Stella.  It's cool.  We like doing things by ourselves......
Have a great weekend!!


Adrien said...

Aw, come on Josh! Get it together, dude! :)

I confess that I want that nail polish! I always wear nude colors on my nails so when they chip they don't look *too* awful.

I confess that I would TOTALLY use my debit card to get a $1.10 drink if I wanted it bad enough, haha.

Cassie said...

ha well since i said my DEBT card, bahahaha I guess I would use my DEBIT card too. whoops!

Heather Rahn said...

Don't feel bad. If I got to the parade it will probably be just me and no kid.

I confess that I have nothing to do a post about today...either that or I don't have the motivation to get one up.

I confess that I had a salad and watermelon yesterday for lunch because I've been behaving badly lately...and then went home and ate half of an Imos pizza.

sblind2 said...

I love the nail color too!!
I use my debit for everything....I'm pretty sure I've used it for under $1!

Heather you can come sit with us!! =)

Katie said...

I confess that I want to start a blog and have been thinking about it since I talked to you about it yesterday, Cassie. I cant think of a name, I dont have the internet on my phone so uploading pictures onto the blog MIGHT be a pain in the ass, and I dont think I will have much to blog about. I dont want to be a boring blogger!!

I confess that I HATE my wardrobe. I have thrown away sooo many clothes lately. Not donated just simply thrown away bc Im sooo annoyed with my clothes I think theres no way anyone would want them either.

Kim Luke said...

I confess when you said 31 weeks pregnant I said out loud "holy crap"!!!!! I can't believe how fast our pregnancies have gone by!!!!

I confess I would have used my debit card too! I wish vending machines took dc's bc I never have cash or change on me!

I confess 2 days after Layla is born I am filling out applications for a part time probably night job! I love being a SAHM but momma needs a break!!!

I confess I am so excited to see you this weekend!!! I need it more than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin said...

I love the nail polish and I am proud of you for painting your own nails. Lol. I confess I LOVE that you have the mobile blog thing clicked and I wish everyone would do it! So much easier.. and the only way I can comment is on my phone lately.

Julia said...

haha...I totally understand about husbands not wanting to go to parades/picnics. Maybe Ryan and Josh should get together and do nothing while we go to all the parades and picnics this summer!

I confess that I have made plans for myself for this weekend and next weekend and none of them involve Ryan:/ oops! I mean, he can come along if he wants, but I doubt he will (since it involves picnics AND parades!) haha

aaahhh...31 weeks already!! Holy guacamole!! That is crazy!! Can't wait to meet Henry:)