Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

What a lovely Monday is it - yeah right.  Rain, rain go AWAY!  Geesh.  However, good news, Josh got called off work this morning so his honey do list "magically" got extra long and he has been doing REALLY good about marking things off.  AND we might be getting a big screen TV tonight.  For free.  STOKED!!  Hopefully that means we start using our fully finished basement a little more.  Oh yeah, crazy, didn't even know we had one of those did you?  Yep, with a bar and everything.  Crazy.  Anyways, on to the weekend.
Of course it was the big bad Fireman's Picnic.  Which is always fun.  And even better that it's about two streets down from our house.  Ok well it's good AND bad.  The traffic part sucks, but it being in walking distance rocks.  So The Lukes came to town on Friday night and we headed up to check out the rides.  I had a feeling they weren't going to go over too well with Stella, but it was worth a shot.  We bought enough tickets for one ride AND PTL we did.  The ride didn't even start and the monster tears were a falling.  Poor baby.  Oh well, she freaking LOVED watching Landon ride the rides though.  She laughed and laughed.  So at least she was happy.
Saturday morning we let Daddy sleep in and headed out for a nice walk.  Getting up at 7 on a Saturday isn't the most fun thing in the world but it's perfect time for a nice walk and so I can't complain about that.  After Josh got up we had some breakfast and then packed up to meet Kim and Landon for a Target trip.  We picked them up and Stella and Landon were FULL of it.  OMG, I haven't laughed so hard in quite some time.  They were both making funny noises and would just crack up at each other, which led me and Kim to just crack up at them.  It was a fun fun time!!  We got home and headed to church.  Stella's new favorite word is "woah."  So while we were in church she was "reading" a hymnal, and accidentally torn a page out and really loud said, "WOAH!"  lol.  It was too cute, but I was totally embarrassed.  lol.  Needless to say the hymnals went bye bye for the rest of church.  Good thing they get new books every year.  After church Stella and Mommy needed naps like something FIERCE.  So Daddy went over to the neighbor's house to hang out while we crashed for a good 45 minutes.  PTL.  After her nap Dad came back over to tell us they had food ready if we were hungry.  So we headed over.  Stella could care less about anything but the Doritos.  lol.  And of course the BOYS.  She was the ONLY girl there and just thought the boys were so funny.  They all had nurf guns and were running around being boys and she was just having a ball.  The storm started to roll in so we headed back across the street and nestled into bed.
Sunday morning I had to work at CK.  Of course the day when I HAVE to get up she decided to sleep in late.  Therefore lucky Daddy got to sleep in BOTH days this weekend.  Damn him.  jk.  CK was packed, which rocked for the pocket book.  I guess everyone was trying to cure their picnic hangover.  lol.  After work I headed home to find my sweet little baby had refused to nap all day.  Boy oh boy was she a ball of fun.  PTL for Mom's touch and her and I were snoozin' in the chair in no time.  The Lukes showed up for the parade right as nap time was ending so we got ready and headed to The Landgrafs.  They have the PERFECT front yard for the parade and we were so happy to be invited.  Stella and Landon had their chairs out on the sidewalks and were ready for the parade to start.  However, it might be just one more year before Stella is ready to be full force parade mode.  She mostly stood on the sidewalk and watched.  Which was FINE by Mommy!!
The parade was great.  A little hot but the rain held off and that's all that matters.  We headed home and enjoyed the AC for the rest of the evening!!  And well, Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a few pieces of parade candy......we can't let it go to waste now can we?!  lol.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  I am sitting here at work today with a freaking COLD.  WTH!  Who gets a cold in almost July?  This girl I guess.  Stuffy nose, puffy eyes, sore throat, ugh, no fun.  Me and Vicks are bffs today.  Have a good week everyone!!


Katie said...

First off how are you getting a big screen tv for free??

love Stella's curls!!

Cassie said...

ha it's not like a HD falt screen or anything, it's a deeper one, but my aunt and uncle just called and asked if we wanted it. umm, heck yeah! score.

Adrien said...

Glad we bumped into you this weekend! I was telling Kim that we took Evie on a few rides and came back looking for you guys, but you had left. Wish we could've talked more! :)

Katie said...

Ohh ok I thought maybe you did some extreme couponing! hahah

Anonymous said...

I have a cold too...got it from my Daughter...

Cassie said...

Adrien - yes it was great to see you guys. TOTALLY felt the same way, wanted to ask for autographs. bahaha. You seriously are itty bitty. You look GREAT for having two under two (well, pretty much under two).

Katie - ha, I am good, but NOT that good. lol.

Kim Luke said...

cute picture of Stella.. but you could have cropped the fat girl out of the background. blah

had a great time this weekend!! :)

Jackie said...

Such a cute pic of Stella....Loreli looked like that most of the parade.

Mom called me Sunday night to let me know that she came down with a really bad cold and hoping that Loreli didn't get it becasue she had her all weekend...weird but your not the only one!