Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Ok, so most of these things are both awkward AND awesome.
Like this for example:
My daughter's mullet.  Bahaha.  Yes, awkward AND awesome.
Good thing it only "looks" like a mullet when she takes a bath.

Or how about this:
Yeah this is what I was going to say WTF about yesterday.
So my dog gets to run the kitchen while we are at work.  And every morning I have to put this gate up to block the living room.  And it NEVER fails on the mornings I am running late the POS decides to act-a-fool.  I think my picture text to my husband went something like, "If you don't come home with a gate that costs more than $2 and doesn't break every other day I'm going to put your pillow in the kitchen and let Abbie piss on it."  Of course with an 'xoxo' after it.  Bahaha.  Kidding.  I'm not THAT mean.
BUT the awesome thing about this is, my dog is the biggest scardie cat ever and hates that little car thing and if she would knock over the gate she wouldn't have the balls to walk over it.  So no matter how rigged up I get it, I know she will stay in the kitchen.  YAY!

Is it awkward that we STILL sleep with the romantic library above our bed?!  LOL!

It was a bit awkward sitting at my desk yesterday drooling while I starred at this picture on Heather's blog.
But what was AWESOME was coming home and going through my DQ coupon booklet and finding a coupon for buy one royal treat get one royal treat free.  Hell to the yeah!  My ass drove straight to DQ (of course AFTER our walk, baha) and I bought TWO of these.  Don't worry they weren't both for me.

Awkward  - Not remembering the last time you showered.  I know, I'm gross.  Good thing I can always rely on the "how long is my armpit hair" test.  Bahaha.
Awkward - Offering to share my butt cream I have left over from the hospital with my bff who is having some "issues."  Nothing says a true bff like sharing butt cream.

Awesome - Everyday Easy getting over 100 followers and having a fun giveaway!!  Check it out.  Congrats ladies!!
Awesome - Being done with my four week OB appointments.  See ya every two weeks, doc.
Awesome - Pre-registering for the birth of my second child.  YAY, but holy shit is it really time for that ALREADY!!!
Awesome - my coworker being thisclose to having her baby.  She's due Sunday.  And the sex and name have been a secret the whole time.  Can't wait to hear all the good news!!


Kacie said...

OMG..What is that Royal Treat?? I want one asap! That looks amazing.

Katie said...

Some friends of ours their baby/doggie gate is pretty jacked up also. They lay theirs against the wall and the dogs wont leave that room. They are terrified of the gate. hahah

THANKS for the picture of the fudge sundae. I woke up thinking about the Rolo McFlurry and I have been trying to talk myself out of it all morning. Then that picture. I might have to make a run to McD on lunch.

And I died laughing on your showering and armpit hair comment. hahahahahahah You dont hold back information from your bloggers. Hilarous.

Sarah@everydayeasy said...

Haha, you never fail to crack me up Cassie! I hope you and your readers enter our giveaway!!!

Meagan said...

Ha! It's a good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I read about the armpit hair test!! That's hilarious!

Thanks for sharing about the coupon for I'm not regretting that I didn't go last night! However both of them will be for me...just don't tell my dr!

Cassie said...

It's the Peanut Butter Bash from DQ. Amazing. Check your coupons!! It's pretty rich, but worth it!!

Ha - glad you enjoyed that Katie and Meagan. lol.

Adrien said...

Yeah, I'm thinking DQ tonight is a must! Would you believe we don't own a single baby gate? Weird...

Oh, and Evie rocks the baby mullet, too...haha. I'm sharing bath hair pictures tomorrow. :)

Erin said...

Awkward and awesome.. seeing Kacie mow her yard. Haha.

Cassie said...

LOL yeah for Baby Mullets!! lol.
Has Evie ever had a hair cut? I just hope I'm not a crazy Mom who has a almost 17 month old who has never had a hair cut.....idk.

Kim Luke said...

Hahaha for the record, all my issues are internal... No butt cream can help right now! But save it for September, bitches didn't give me any buttcream when I had Landon lol