Two Under Two

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two Under Two

Of course the thought crosses my mind at LEAST once a day that I will soon be the mother of two, but I don't think it's really HIT HIT me yet.  And most of my readers are Mommy's of one, but hopefully just from talking with other Mom's you all can help me out a bit.  Trying to gather a few "helpful" items to make life a little "easier" with two under two.  Something a few Mom's have told me to get is the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

I will admit, when I was pregnant with Stella I said, no way in hell am I sporting one of those.  I don't even think we registered for one.  And right after I had Stella there was a huge recall and freak out about the sling things that were all the rage.  So I was perfectly content with just carrying my baby in my arms (which has totally made her a Mom's girl and I can't complain one bit).  However, MANY Mom's have said, you will get NOTHING done without one of these, especially with TWO kids.  Anyone out there who can voucher for that?!

Of course a double stroller.  I am a HUGE fan of walking and Stella LOVES going on walks, so you can bet your bottom dollar we are going to head out as soon as the August heat goes away and work off all these LBs.  And thanks to my Mom (for buying it) and Adrien (for recommending such a great one) we will soon see one of these at our house. 
By the way, have you all seen these?!?  What the world?  I mean I FEEL for the kid on the bottom.
I mean you can obviously tell which kid is favored more.  Poor thing.

Obviously I will now need a bigger diaper bag.  Which is a bummer because I LOVE my 31 bag.  Any recommendations on that?!?!  I just can't think of what else I may need to make life a little easier.  Well, besides the fact that it would ROCK if I could get Stella potty trained.  But that's wishing for A LOT.  Good thing I live with the Potty Train Whisper (who hasn't even TRIED to get her to go yet).  Geesh, not surprised.  Oh well, so shoot your ideas, tips, and tricks my way.  I have a handful of friends who are getting ready to have baby number two so I'm not the only one out there saying, HELP!!  Thanks, you guys rock!!


Beth said...

While I never had a Baby Bjorn carrier, I did have a Jeep brand one - same thing, different price! We got it when JJ was 7 weeks old (he faced me at first obviously) and I flew with him by myself. After that - I wore him to Wal-Mart, on walks, out and about...he LOVED it! I was "carrying" him, but had my hands free. And it wasn't pretty, but I could even use the bathroom! LOL! I would highly recommend one, no matter how many kids you have :)

Anonymous said...

I have a sling, I used it with Ty and I am sure I will get much more use out if it this time. I never had problems with it. I wasn't much for sporting the sack with straps, but you may find it helpful. I would hold off until Henry is here and then decide if you need it.
WTF...Why would you "stack" your kids! I have never seen one of these and I can't believe they exist.

Cassie said...

Thanks Beth!! I will look into the Jeep one.

Ha I know Lara!! I saw a lady using one at Target the other day and literally just stopped and starred. I was like no freaking way. lol.

Meagan said...

I don't think I have any helpful tips! Lol I've been thinking about one of those carriers too for this baby...I said the same exact thing as you when I had keegan! Maybe I will wait & see how you like yours first! :)

Those strollers are ridic!! I saw a ton of them when we were at disneyland & shook my head every single time...I saw one kid practically hanging half way out so he could see out! it can't be comfortable for the kid on the bottom!

Meagan said...

Oh....and have you looked those strollers up?! They are crazy expensive!!

Jackie said...

I know I only have one kid but I think I have like 4 31 bags that I went through and the last one I got was the Cindy Tote and its big! That might work for you...I am thinking I may go back to one of my smaller ones now that Loreli doesn't need so much stuff it seems like!
Yes I agree with you guys WTF...why would you even want to be seen with that! HA!

Kacie said...

I am not a mom so I am not much help here, but when I went to visit Christine Friday she was wearing the Baby Bjorn and said she got so much stuff done with Carter in it.
That stacked stroller cracks me up! All I can think of is Step Brothers and the bunk beds they made! LOL

Heather Rahn said...

A bottle of vodka and ear plugs.

Cassie said...

Heather - HILARIOUS!! I told my husband don't be surprised if the second he walks in the door some work i crack open a cold one. lol.

Anonymous said...

which 31 bag do you use now?

Kim Luke said...

I have a Bjorn! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! If I didn't have that my house would have never been swept or mopped when Landon was a baby! It saved us! And at grocery stores, craft fairs, etc.. Landon hated riding in his carseat while inside a cart so I could shop and have 2 free hands and hold him! And he was the happpiest baby ever in it!
ps. that stroller cracks me up. and the fact you said can you tell which kid is the favorite? hilarious!!!!

Cassie said...

I use the small utility tote from 31. It's great for one kid, might be a little small for two.

Leslie said...

I have the Bjorn, and it's great, I used it for the first time the other evening to Vaccuum! Before using it, I thought it would make her feel like a "lug" hanging from me. But, it is very supportive & comfy. Brooke and I like it! Good Luck!
P.S. I know of someone who could upsize your 31 bag for you!! ;)

Abbey said...

Cassie -If you are looking to get a baby bjorn I would recommend going to the Mothers of Multiples - Fall Twin Sale...It is at SWIC September 10 (Saturday) I bought my bjorns there for like $15 each! (STEAL!!)

The twins did not fit in it for about a month (just because I was nervous with them being so tiny!)

We have TWO baby bjorns...Love them! We are in Washington DC doing the tourist thing right now and with me and stephen both "carrying" the babies in our bjorn's it is soooo much easier then our double stroller! Dont get my wrong I LOVe our dbl stroller but lets not kid anyone it is HUGE!

Also as far as a diaper bag - before I knew I was having twins I bought a cute Coach diaper bag which i LOVE but it would be perfect for 1 baby...not exactly 2 kids - if I had to do it all over again I think ..(And still might) get a Petuna Pickled Bottoms
(this is the one I'm looking at!)

it has a shoulder strap but also you can wear it as a backpack. WHich would be a lifesaver!

Hope this helps - I only have 3 months of experience ;)