Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

PTL for LONG weekends.  Wow, someone lit a fire under our booties this weekend.  You know that list I had shared, wow wee, stay tuned and watch me cross some monsters off that baby.  Stoked!!  So after a much need LONG weekend, let's see if I can remember what we all did.
Friday night I was ready to get that dresser DONE.  So we all headed to the back yard and drug everything out to get to work.  Of course we ran out of spray paint and the store was already closed by the time we figured this out.  So we did what we could and called it a night.  At least I think, (crap I can't really remember what we all did).
Saturday Mommy asked if she could sleep in and Daddy for once said yes, wow!  So after a few nudges when Stella woke up, he FINALLY got up, shut the bedroom door and decided to take care of Stella while I slept.  However, sleeping until 8:30 was the jist of my sleeping in.  I guess that my body is just accustomed to getting up early now (nothing I am excited about, but oh well).  Once everyone was up and had ate breakfast Daddy decided that he was going to start primering Stella's room.  We thought ok, we can do this with a 15 month old.  Baha, we quickly learned, YEAH RIGHT.  So Stella and I made a long trip to Target while Dad started painting.  I'm not sure how many "breaks" he took, but he at least had one coat of primer on when we got back.  While the paint was drying we headed to get some more spray paint and finish the dresser.  And we did, YAY!  We said once Stella fell asleep for her usual two hour nap we would slap another coat of primer on her new room and then get ready to head to a graduation party we had that night.  However, her nap at the sitters is usually around 1:30 or 2:00, yeah try 4:00 she FINALLY went down.  So needless to say Mommy and Daddy were worn out and decided to catch a little nap too.  Of course Mommy's nap was for like 15 minutes and Daddy's was over an hour.  We got dressed and ready and waited for Stella to wake up.  We knew we were going to be late but hey we are always late.  But then Daddy threw a fit because he didn't know we would be showing up AFTER dinner and he thought that was just horrible and his pannies got all in a twist and so he threw a fit and said we weren't going.  Oh, he's so much fun!  Ugh so Mommy was grumpy because she was ready to get out of the house.  But that didn't look like it was going to happen.  Oh well, the Jones's decided to stop by later that evening and we enjoyed hanging out with them.  HOWEVER Brent turned Josh into loving Swamp Men, oh the History Channel.  OH FML.  Ha, craziest show.
Sunday morning Aunt Lacie was FINALLY coming home!!  YAY!  Stella had been checking her FB the night before waiting for her to tell us she would be on her way home.
So we invited them all over for pancakes.  Stella was so excited to see her Aunt Lacie!  We have all missed her, especially her coming over for dinner and taking walks with us a couple times a week.  She had a great time on her trip, but we are glad she is back!  After breakfast we headed to Waterloo for some pictures at our favorite photographer Creative Bent.  They had a little sessionette special running and well, we can't pass up a special at CB!  Stella of course hammed it up and I can't WAIT to see the pictures!!  We got home and did some more work on the rooms, changing closets, getting rid of clothes and packing winter stuff up.  The Walters and Grandma Kloth came over to visit with Stella for awhile.  Grandma K brought over some cute clothes for both Stella and her soon to be baby brother.  We were all very happy!!  She even told Josh how to fix some of the scratches in the CL table we bought.  Josh LOVES his Gma so he pretty much listens to everything she says.  And PTL for that because once she gave him some advice he was READY to get started on the table.  So after they all left we headed to Waterloo.  While we were there Daddy thought it was a good idea to invest in a potty chair for Stella.  He thinks he's the 'potty training whisper-er' or something.  He thinks he can get a 16 month old potty trained.  So we will see.  More power to him!!  Once we got back we played outside while Daddy worked on the table.  Stella was in rare form.  Dancing to the music like no other.
You would think we were listening to 'Free Bird' or something, ha, but nope, just good ole country music.  But she was loving it!  We called it a night and headed inside for baths and of course, ice cream.
Monday we woke up and were excited to head to Kacie's Mom and Dads to go swimming.  Stella LOVES Ka Ka and of course Brent and Kacie too.  So she was one happy girl.  She snoozed the whole way to Chester and was full of energy when we got there.  However once it was time to swim, no way!  HATED the pool.  Ugh, broke Mommy's heart.  I just wanted to hang out with her in the pool all day.  But she had other plans.  So she hung inside with Uncle Buck and Daddy chasing the dogs and showing off.
(the only picture I got of her in her swim suit, sorry!!)
Once we all were partied out we packed up and headed home.  We chilled for a bit and Aunt Lacie came over to hang out.  Then before we knew it we were back together with K&B and the girls headed to the movies.  We saw Bridesmaids, and oh em gee, HILARIOUS.  A must see!!  Not too long after I left I got a text from Daddy.  Stella was done for.
Cashed out on her FNF.  Zonked from a long weekend.  And as soon as Mommy got home from the movie she did the same thing.  I think we all slept straight through the night (I don't even think I got up to pee).  It was a much needed, productive great weekend!  Hope you all had a good one too!!


Adrien said...

Yay for getting stuff done!! I'm so jealous of everyone who's been going swimming. And nap time? I can't wait for the day I get a nap again. :) I'm glad you had a great weekend!

Cassie said...

I'm sure soon my days of napping while Stella is napping will be few and far between. I would sing praises if my kids both had a nap schedule that was the same.
Does Evie take a good nap during the day for you?!

Kim Luke said...

I'm shocked that noone has ever asked what FNF means because its always on your blog. lol
i'm awaiting that day......... ;)

Glad you had a great weekend. And I'm glad you got to see me at least one day, but I miss Stella--so we MUST get together soon!! :) maybe she will like Aunt Kim's pool!

Julia said...

I can't wait to see Stella's new pictures from Creative Bent!! I heart them!!!! I can't wait to have kids so I can take advantage of all of their specials:)
I also can't wait to see the pictures of your new dresser and all the other stuff you got done this weekend! When you get done with your list, you wanna come tackle mine?!? lol

Cassie said...

Ha yes, oh the FNF. lol.

Julia - i swear I am nesting like nobodies business. lol.

Jackie said...

Totaly get the histry channel....Eli could sit for days and watch it. Never get up, move nothing....FML!