My List

Friday, May 27, 2011

My List

Not many plans for the weekend so I am hoping to get a few "projects" crossed off my list.
Bahaha, I know I know, I will laugh WITH you guys, because I know you are laughing AT me.  Ha, oh well.
So here's the list of things we NEED to have done in 13 weeks.  (Hopefully 14 if me and the big man can work out a deal and hold out until the day I would like).  Anyways.....

*finish our bedroom dresser and move it INTO our bedroom
*officially post a "after" picture of our DONE bedroom
*paint Stella's new big girl room
*buy a mattress for Stella's twin bed
*decorate/put together Stella's room (that's for you Kacie!!)
*make my husband cut his jean pile in HALF.  i should really post a picture of all the damn jeans he has.
*clean out "Josh's closet" which will now be Stella's closet
*make room in my current closet for my husband's crap clothes
*purge some of the husband and i's clothes
*paint Henry's room
*wash/dry/put away all of Henry's clothes
*fix a few "spots" on the new-to-us kitchen table and chairs
*move the old set downstairs and bring in the new set

Whew, I think that's all for right now.  Wow-wee we are going to be BUSY!!!
Oh yeah and somewhere in there we would like to put a new roof on our house.  Yikes!
Maybe we will settle for new windows this year and wait until next year for that new roof.
Wish me luck!


Adrien said...

Your list sounds fun and exhausting! Can't wait to hear what you were able to accomplish! :)

Cassie said...

Don't get your hopes up to high. I'm great at MAKING lists, marking them off is a different story. This look could look the same in about 10 weeks. Whoops!